+Bertharina Rina The American Nation funnels off billions and billions to Israel.  It is not Semitic.  Only descendants of Abraham there are the Palestilians, may of whom have the right genes, being descended through Ishmael.  The Edomites died out and were thrown out as a nation by God in Old Testament times and then those remaining in Judea, were also assimilated with other nations.  Israel itself is the invention of Rothschild through in the main, British Zionism and British Aristocrats, with their former ‘loving Zionism’ Parliamentarians and the odd Jewish Prime Minister.  Lord Balfour was the scoundrel used in 1917 to give the Balfour Declaration declaring Palestine for Israel when it was not hers to give.  Still part of the Ottoman Empire that did dissolve in 1918.  British Mandate over Palestine.  In go the so-called Jews  to declare Israel a nation 1948, and they were not Semites but Khazars.  Then in came the Ethiopian Jews, so-called but they also are not pure descendants of Abraham.  Indeed, they are black which the Hebrews never were (may have been sun-burnt but red/blond hair, blue eyes originally if one reads all of the Scriptures, present and lost but restored).  They were of Shem and not Ham whose descendants filled Africa.  The Ethiopians who followed a certain O.T. form of that given Moses, were descendants of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, whose son born in Ethiopia, eventually went to Israel aged about 30, caught hold of the then watered down O.T. form of Moses, probably gathered in a priest or two, took the Ark of the Covenant where it seems it is today in a certain city of Ethiopia.  What color? Black mixed with white then from then on, intermarried with black Ethiopians.  How pure is that race in relation to being descendants of Abraham and thus entitled to be called what is today named a Jew?  Most doubtful.  The genes have not yet been scientifically revealed.  The Khazars are world-wide, even in U.S.A. but maybe only up to 8,000,000 but holding most of its sources of wealth and having dispatched the gold from Fort Knox to London.  Seems there is gold there but also it would appear they also are somewhat bankrupt as the total debt of the whole world outnumbers the trillions of worth it does have.  Rothschild, owning all Reserve Banks except three and including the Reserve Bank of U.S.A. of course, U.S.A. being the dead tree on which that ivy lives and flourishes.  Wake up!  I believe churches are beginning to and Pastors.  About time.  Why be under the occultism of these Khazar Mafia?  They rule through Satanic power.  Churches are supposed to have the power of the Holy Ghost and the Spirit of Christ reigning within its people.  You have helped in the downward spiral of your own nation – all so-called Christian Zionists!.
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No one knows just what goes into one’s unknown subconsciousness. Personality disorders are perpetually shoved back into this little under stood mental cataloging through repressions. Anyone who goes on a ballot-box rage are definitely running from a twisted personality, in attempting to elude guilt by association, with their own pathological struggle, to shadow surroundings that are pre-calculated via listening to fraudulent political prostitutes spreading lies. Such pin-headed squirts are squats during Presidential facades becoming part and party to split personalities, as pimps for an invisible arm of galvanized hoodlums plat-forming several puppets as psychological misanthropes.
Individual presidential neurosis and Ballet-Box psychosis somewhat hinges, or develops, through an earlier manhood of repressed voting, party Hatred, Theoretically, anxiety is the most damaging . We witness numbers of people swarming into theaters, as heading for ballot sheds, owing loyalty to a politician and Bat Man. Here we witness, as individuals are in social communion and not distanced from wish-to-be-peers all in the family. Mob collectivism displays man’s hatred for love ( attention ), as witnessed presumptuously falls into Dr. Sigmund Freud’s ” Personality Suppression Complex Syndrome.” The struggle against deep inhibited suppression and depression, over rides the ID, and the alter Ego settles for a pathologically developed loner, an intellectual drifter, to explode with Freud’s “ Personality Suppression Gravitational Syndrome.” In essence, an unrecognized wish was fulfilled: Collectivized individual mob stultification rests upon an impulsive nature to bathe with political syphilis through several candidates. Seemingly, a nest of traitorous hyenas becomes a joystick to be rotated upon the base of mobocracy. Progressive flippancy.
It has become fast and furious for independent voters, citizens, to actually weigh individual perceptions, as to the social qualities respectfully of two ruling gangs holding national office. Of course, this is combined pseudo Democracy and a discordant Republican representation. These twin gangs of infatuated liberalism have their roots feeding back to in house intertwined anti-social guilt complexes, in opposing conservatism. The only analytical presumption is that national political welfare is grappling with an insidious nest of elected servants under the spell of ever incipient Orientalism. Here, a massive double-minded party, one-eyed cyclops, has developed a two-party one-glove cult, congealed into a massive neurosis and cultivated ( Personality Suppression Gravitational Complex Syndrome ). This is the elevated level of mass political neurosis. The iron grip of universal communism is the back screen of our failing society. Our Republic is in the dangerous paws of approaching socialism. Here, in fact, repetition is the best teacher!
Transitional professional sycophants are a front for their silent and ruthless masters, as presidential aggregates are robotized mechanisms through the magnetic funds of invisible magistrates, of which cleave their tentacles into all levels of national government. We discover their influence within the State Dept., CIA, FBI, federal reserve, treasury Dept,and supreme bench, NATO, FEMA, SWAT, Home Land Security,CIA, FBI, and every major influential dept in our national jurisprudence. Most of all, ruthless intellectually coordinated imps with poisoned minds undermines our republic as moles from within. Social engineering via post globalism hijacks Congress and their main weapon is a mover and shakers idealistic machine of psychological warfare.Through the grip on national medical and psychiatric industries social engineering is in the hands of high priests on mental gymnastics, and in cahoots with controlling agriculture outlets, such as the national farm bureau. Poisoned foods and drinks are allotted to our national people, so that as cattle, through linguistics, millions of citizens are lobotomized. Here, various sports, especially football, soccer and Hockey, . imitating ancient Roam Circuses, are offered as a bleed off voter anxiety and repressed masochism. Pseudo Democracy revels in this ! Notably, after a selected pasmaster wins his race all ballot is to be stacked nation wide. Within the center will be placed a massive flywheel. The gang in office pushes a button and them bull manure is openly spread across a nation of which had been bamboozled as dirty bastards return to their roots as rotated scoundrels. IT IS FREEDOM, LIBERTY, and JUSTICE FOR ALL ! COMMUNISM HAS A HOLD ON OUR DWINDLING REPUBLIC ! GOD HELP US.


     SICK PUSSIES  RULE CONGRESS                                                    I am not particularly interested in any bastards that hold other nations in subjection. In this world, we have a rogue  gang  who are known as parasitic criminals. These  same dirty- blood sucking bastards are  holding our American nation in an iron grip ghetto criminally, as induced investors infect the Federal Reserve, and any other institution under political prostitution that walk the line of corruption with them, in tracking  several block-headed presidential meatheads as civil prostitution.  In other words, America is a haven for alien-slum masters in cahoots with a national landlord mafia controlling the illicit housing renting industry, and looting the drowning middle class, while restraining hard-working people kept in line through starvation and mental anguish on the iron law of wages, as the scoundrel   Ronnie boy Reagan was influenced by the economist David Recardo’s minimum wage system. Honest citizens on all sides are doomed to land renting slavery. Ronnie was just another Coo Coo bird Dome nester.

America is occupied by lawyers and collectivized clergymen through man-made religions, as eighty-five percent of citizens are absolutely propertyless. Massive land holders as allied with corrupt political rustlers, back up religious upstarts, and slum mastering is ruining upper classes, when scumbags leach from the treasury Dept. America is a collectivized people of various nations, being brain washed into a universal net of discontent towards specific alien nations, that are helpless, as drones fly overhead and stinger rockets drain down on helpless women and children. All-in-all, the basis is land ownership and drones, for serfs of the globe are merely fodder reserve.

The Asiatic nations do not want pseudo democracy, as now practiced within America. Pseudo rule is a religious/property scheme operating through an ancient people of subtle intentions, Idumeans. As of now, they are known as Edomites. Another identity for them, reds, or pro-Jacobins, formenully, Soviet Russia. Look at the name Uncle Sam. Where does anyone know of its origin? Right under our noses is a subtle pseudo religious operation of global proportions of dog-eat dog. Digressing, take a gander at Bill Clinton and Janet Reno. Here a United States Attorney General and a pussy President makes war in Waco and burn 29 children alive– much more dozens of men and women died in this inferno. Momentarily we use no drones or stingers in God’s so-called America, when one illicit movement order combines with another massive religious empire, spiritual whoredom, of twisted intellects respond with political influence via FEMA and SWAT teams with tanks, gun powder, and flame throwers, to do the dirty job.

Pseudo democracy is a joke, when used as a weapon of political charity, as a manner of distributing faudulently with the west’s method of freedom, that is in the hands of low-life investing scumbags, now enpowering  the nation’s corralled renting investment industry of illicit gambling and stock-exchange gyrations. At this very moment, the electorial college will pussie a President.

Obviously, Toe-dancing around any subject that has metallic  bearings brings forth the coward. This Intent is the result of liberalism’s melt-down education. Even a blind hog can find an acorn in the dark. Can’t you readers comprehend that America has been overthrown. Cannot you people realize that freedom is now a by-word, in the hands of professional criminals holding our country in complete mental slavery and physical bondage.

Naturally, mankind are all God’s creation and children. Looking behind the scenes of national government there is a race of devils in the political saddle. Were they put into office through the trick of voting. Hell no! Ignorant citizens are duped on this matter of mobs putting some scoundrel into the presidency, for each state has an electoral college. These colleges are held together by bankers, slum masters, and commercial industries. Yes, they plant stool-pigeons in order to rob, loot, and plunder from the working people all of their produce:Basically, all wealth comes from the farmers of whom work their fields that feeds our national society.

Our pseudo Republic has been guilted into allying with pseudo Democracy. And now we have a state department being imbedded with Reds with hand-picked ambassadors that would marry the devil for a visa at large in Europe, in passing out torts to global-minded political sharks, of whom support universal socialism. The proper word is to be Internationalism.

Thomas paine wrote ” The rights of Man .’ This almost caused him to be beheaded in France. Sorry to say, we have a race of cowards within America seated within the highest echelons of national government. These sycophants have an investment with Satan himself to betray this country.

Actually, dirt under the feet of decent people of all races of whom do not not comprehend Satan’s seed line. These are the ancient Edomites, of whom have made war on all nations since King David ruled and God forewarned David of this menace. Yes, this contemporary anti-social element is making war on Third World nations that fear imported pseudo democracy that will be shoved down their throats through collectivized tax supported religions (USA ), or hell-fire through drones and stingers. God help these poor souls. We know that angels weep as innocent mankind are slaughtered in the interest of money-hungry land-investors, that have no conscious– nor possibly no soul !


    ( Crippled Buzzard )
    Our national bird, the Eagle, has furled its wings and lays low and suffers from Congressionalitis. It glories no longer as a symbolic icon representative of a once free nation. In fact, political rape of national constituents is a routine defenselessness accosting of helpless society as a rooster so intimidated in being near-sighted in singling out an option to hustle down some bird to be politically orientated with collective buzzards acting as the rooster that cannot see things straight. Caught between two birds political rape will out do the Rooster / buzzard correlation. Normally, the rooster crows in the morning, the buzzard chow downs on Congressional constipation. In essence, Nationwide, the citizenry daily gives this bribed clan the bird. The bewailed rooster and the befuddled buzzard both plunge into a trance of cinematic psychosis. Birds of a feather flock together—ummmmmmmmmmmmm!

    Patrick Henry screamed, “ Give me liberty or give me death.” Thomas Paine wanted no part of Founding Father option to ally with British weasels. Paine contended that the Angel, religious, banking industry were not conducive as to being birded-down as a wild rooster to rape and plunder under the wings of an Eagle. Benjamin Franklin was coy to an eagle as a state bird thundering down upon a people in seeking a war-like Republic. Too, Franklin chose the domesticated Turkey. The political hooliganism from 1776 is a melt down to a present day Godzillian complicated nest of pre-bought panhandlers mooching from tax-payer’s pockets.

    America will never recover from the criminal take over of our Republic. The majestic spell of pro-communist infiltration has its its wing spread nationwide. We do have the rooster / buzzard complexity engaged with socialistic deprivation. Yes, the rooster, as Congress sees objects in a cross-eyed dimension just as the buzzard awaits collected bowel implosion extracts its hold on mother nature. Not surprisingly, weasel-minded fools under Marxian dialectics in line with I.V. Lenin will eventually become an innocent mechanical movement as a machine of universal socialism. The question of Godzilla as to a multiple of two birds nesting near Congress while in cession could be leading to a Golan monster out of the UR. We will be compelled to watch the Bear the dragon & a pseudo lion’s whelp being nestled down within the state of Israel. Its thumbs down if this Republic does not drop Darwin’s theory of anthropoids and Marx’s materialistic conception of political equalitarism. Only a damned fool believes that all mankind evolved from the same global swamp. God help America as a dumbed-down welfare state !

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Bull Dykes and think a likes should have preferential acceptance into sitting under the state dept water shed, in having more input into foreign affairs. Over the years, we have witnessed some strange situations regarding the influence of allied nations boomeranging exported treaties returning home to haunt incompetent political plants and their strange foreign realizations. Needless to say, several characters within this most sensitive post are of national government has been the breeding ground for unwarranted sour heads, of which bottle neck significant areas of Presidential influence regarding national security. Ever since the late President Franklin New Deal pro-communist watering hole practiced total irresponsibility in ignoring the state dept, as this practicality of official conduct has been a one-way conduit of professional hindrance of foreign affairs. State secretary of state Hull under Roosevelt was a lose cannon and unfortunate yes man. Under John Kerry, we have a sweetheart affair with Netanyahu of Israel. Hillary Clinton was a muck-raking bag of wind, winding up worthless as tits on a bore hog. Why not bring into pro-menace more of the displaced closet gang, in really widening this circus of burnt out blockheads, of which formally leaped over the congressional watchdogs, in pushing liberalism under the guise of a free for all love in !

Who is financing Presidential candidates. How much from the Communist network over America. What about funds from the Trotsky / Leninist bunch receiving moneys from Uncle Sam. Too, a criminally devised hoard of ghetto masters, under the hood of mortgage gamblers. Only damned fools would pull a lever, in sending tax moneys to collectivized political gangsters; being anchored to both sorry bastards in conclusion, with a doubled-deck of hopeless scoundrels in collusion, as a two-party swindle drummed down into a pseudo Democracy. Mobs are useful in aiding swindlers into national office. Continue to think & act like a stupid mass of misled fools, to be hoodwinked under a national administration, in the arms of Marxian incipient socialism. FEMA, HLS, SWAT, & oppressive police all have gulags awaiting for ring in the nose individuals, as nihilistic cattle. America is being pulled into Eastern World fundamentalism. Vote & enlarge the hell that is to become your future.

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    People do forget, but the ghost of history haunts every soul that strolls through the welcoming streets of this country, in harboring a disposition that life is great, while the good times roll. Beneath it all, the ongoing selective mob’s routine is constructing a royal road to hell, and little individual cognizance of the terror awaiting such fools. History does repeat itself. A death knell declares this. Ominous observation is a path back into the French Revolution of 1793. Obviously, this is planned for America. It cannot be avoided.
    Noticeably, the elements are in place of political embroilment. Too, local and alien land investors have locked into ownership investors on Wall Street. The massive touring industry is a circus across our country. The farming industry held in check by corrupt foreign idle minds, to be pleased with unimaginable desire for hungry entertainment, while streets are aliened with homeless, property- less citizens begging for food, as heavy industries have vacated to alien profits. The plan to uproot America is well lain.
    Global revolutionary cycles have always encircled civil societies, in awaiting the proper moment when mental and physical slavery yields to massive nihilism. This organized confusion is not coincidental, but has found its way into the heart and soul of our once great Republic. In reverting back to the France of 1793, our national government is sewing the same seeds of open negligence and criminal hostility over taxation and rigid police state regimentation. This is the final straw in breaking the camel’s back.
    In the revolutionary stage; consisted of the french insurrection in parliament were the Girondis menaced with liberalism– somewhat seeded in with the revolutionary component called Jacobin’s. Disagreement over assemblage obligation to be reconciled, unified, the Jacobin Club pulled into France professional revolutionaries, schooled in a spin-off, of an an Illuminati movement of a global influence of rule. Alien influence brought on the french terror. Then the Jacobin’s created the Montagards. This was a hired revolutionary gang under the Jacobin Club. This revolutionary seed line goes back to the days of ancient Esau, the ( Red ), God’s natural enemy. Incidentally, Girondis & Jacobite’s were democrats. their supposed to representative, within the assembly, opposed the stay of revolution, ( Robespierre ), was beheaded.
    Obviously, we have a domineering factor in Congress, of Girondis imposition to unseat our President. Those of Jacobin intimidation is to level our republic as a free state. We recognize this as one of many running for the Presidency is singled out for global mob instinct laden down with Esau’s contempt for christian civilization is galvanized into a vast machine of collectivized insanity, over a sub-normal behavioral mental neurosis as self-hatred.