One can easily be moderated out of this site. There is a great movement in our nation to shut down reasonable conversation. We must repeat Thomas Paine : ” These are times that try man’s souls”. It is a crime against our national society being held in check by selected satanic perversion, through phallus worship. Paine knew of this when he had written the Declaration of Independence. Too, this great patriot rebelled against Art. 6, Sec. 6, on treaties. Thomas Jefferson wrote the Constitution; but he not possess the will to oppose this conspicuous clause- standing against the Bank of England, because he was against the wall in attempting to
oppose universal finance’s conspiratorial control from a one-mile square in London known as ” The City of Gold “. Yes, within three-hundred years America has been overthrown; for total corruption had found its place when Art. 6, Sec. 6, was funneled into the Constitution, after it had been legally ratified. Phallus worship, perversion, was the fall of mankind several hundred years before the great Deluge, of which Noah escaped via the Ark. If Paine were living today he would hang his head in shame, to witness America’s spiritual decline into the lowly world of animal instinctiveness, as this moment our nation harbors the measure of lower life. holding aloft the estate of mother nature’s natural habits with the animal world, in glorying in the rebirth of phallus worship. Our Creator warned King Solomon of the Jebusites, who today infect western civilization- pre-programed mental perversion through uncontrolled passions. The late President Herbert Hoover, a Quaker, in autobiography, pub. 1947, warned that America was following the [ spiritual manners ] of ancient Esau. The Jebusites – off-shoot of ancient Esau the Red. This blood line holds the highest seats in national government-results, phallus worship is the master key of a wicked state, in the hands pf perverted politicians !


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