The warthog reminds us of the many political hogs waiting for the proper moment, to ambush the federal reserve, in looking out for the little piggies, awaiting a shot at honest tax payer’s monies. Yes, politicians are one hog on another. For the most, just plain liars, with no conscious. Collectively, nothing but loose hounds in raiding out houses, usually constructed nearest all public podiums, where gluttonous mobs enjoy some relief from entitled hoodlums, gassing for the most, in the cause liberalism. Nothing but professional gobble de gooks. Listening to one of these dirt bags is like hearing a nest of hogs slopping in their troughs.

We need to put the warthog’s picture on a three dollar bill in demonstrating how far this country has been leveled from a pseudo Republican/Democratic system, into a grab all, for the social engineering experts, who have never did an honest day’s work in their worthless lives

The hard working class of people are fed up with packs of professional liberals from all walks of life, of whom love to sycophant among themselves, as a little more eaten up with Karl Marx’s works, with his fellow travelers lounging near their alter ego political assets, in lining the halls of Congress, looking for a hand out, in promoting revolutionary activities, through numbers of alien religious philosophies, setting up house amongst questionable conditions. America is being subdued through the alien encroachment of professionally trained Communist infilterators. Many have doctorates in theology. Tens of podiums are in the hands of these pro-LENIN/TROTSKYITES, being financed by the national tax payer. Reds in pulpits are some what a veneer to those who do not comprehend a STALINITE, in appealing to emotionally filled houses of hungry mobs. We call them drive-by pulpit pounders.




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