First of all, there are three denominati­ons that do not accept the cross as symbolic of God’s influence. This is a mysterious misunderstanding amongst ignorant people and
is mostly true in the western hemisphere­. The Apostle Paul never taught anything about the cross of crucifixion , other than a pre-calculated cold blooded murder. The following do not accept the cross, Judaism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day Saints. And too, God was not slaughtered for nothing more than exposing the vicious racket between local bankers and Priests in the Temple.Too, Stephens was stoned for warning the spiritually inclined just as God did. There is deep speculation as to the national credit card industry leading honest people in a some what devious manner. It goes like this–RELIGION,MONEY,LYING AND GREED. Nothing has changed in over two thousand years. If God lived today, He would be killed over filthy lucre, and not for preaching the truth. Examine religions and their teachings.

Naturally, all presidents are sworn in by the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, while pressing down their left hands upon the Old Testament. A specific passage of one prophet, Isaiah {? } reads beneath the palm in taking an oath in swearing before God. Conclusion is that the New Testament is completely ignored.If this is true, then what God is being referred to, as there are numbers of {gods} in the Old Testament. There are many {gods} and numerous religions today.

Looking at this political procedure in rescuing the highest position of state, brings out attentiven­ess back to the late Presidential Eisenhower’s Era.During WW11, this sycophant was in Berlin Germany. Jehovah Witnesses had been interned in Germanic with holding camps during the conflict. It is well known that these individual­s were given special treatment and free run in prison camps. General Eisenhower­’s parents were Jehovah’s Witnesses. It is not known that Ike was a witness or not, but remember, known prison camp witnesses have said very little of these confinemen­t camps. And here is the riddle: Why do ignorant clergy men in Protestant and Catholic residency still attach them selves to the cross. The Pauline Gospel is locked in between modern day Babylonian religious pied piper’s totem pole, in the mystery of iniquity. The truth will make one free with the truth. First one must compel him self to study God’s doctrine honestly, rather than ravishing through books in the commercial industries.


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