Mr. Pressident,
Basically, mankind is prone to suounding out his own kind, with an inate human disposition to plunder the weaker, when seeking thy neighbor’s goods. Sir, in an attempt to corner wide-open corruption amomgst  specific commercial industries, and many hundreds of sharks within the nation’s touring industry, is taking upon one’s self a tremendous politically devised attempt, in order to bring those involved to the alter of honesty. Thank you for elevating something that sounds like a great whopper, for the run-of-mill public’s interest.

Please accept this humble warning from the now Disunited States of Amerika. This country, mine, mostly nation wide, in accepting a newer system in puting it’s stamp upon many states. This is called the CITY/COUNTY management order. This newly recognized scheme is composed of political gangsters, and of the lowest of characters standing in line to get their hands on public funds. Actually, this is a complete dictatorial movement towering above our organized Mafia. Indeed, wherever the CITY/ COUNTY system takes over, then woe unto the deceived tax payers, that are compelled to be ruled over by the fools who hide behind a shadowy form of government. President Putin, the crimes of this spoken of machine most found its first public outing from the very first rung of HELL. Please keep this machine out of your country. If you do not, THEN YOU AINT SEEN NOTHUN YET!


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