How wonderful it is, that Communist Russia saved England and America via entering World War 11. And now, mobs across our country are begging, for any kind of shot to cure what ever comes along. In this manner we have half-strung political shysters, that are continuously dazling the public with brilliance, of which winds up with Bull manure. Ron Paul is beating his brains out and fighting a wind mill. Top dogs pay him little attention. Our pro-socialist system is operating on greased lightening. Ron has his hands full dealing with gold and flu shots. Here is a lone individual struggling against the pharmaceutical industry and the Federal Reserve. Good showmanship and another Don Quixote. The master-minds of thought control create conservative liberals.

Out in the open, President Putin of Russia is parting ways with our present administration. This is a farce. Putin is at ends with the unsophisticated State Department and its web of sycophants; and He, not with flue shots, but backing off from fiat monies running through second-handed stooges within the State Dept. Any fools knows that socialistic-minded wind-bags are merely tools of an invisible gang of universal financial engineers. Many a fool had formerly shook hands with his private devil, in order to accept a valise filled with torts, in seeking an ambassador’s touring Europe’s red-light districts, or collecting antiques. The last two plants are Hillary thus Kerry. Full blown pro-commie tools. Of course, Putin and his gangs are facing population control, as now being palmed off on our unfortunate citizens, having no thought that one combined fifty-state mob is to be slowly eliminated in the next fifteen years.

Yes, behind pro-communist elements in the highest echelons of national government are the movers and shakers allying with RED cells scattered across America. Not one state has any sovereignty, but pro-Reds are being planted state by state, that moves into the ever expanding county/city management system. This is socialism’s final drive, in order to drag our Republic along the lines into universal socialism.

This is a word to the wise. Our republic is in grave danger, because all fifty states are being taken over by this so-called County/City management system. Naturally, this operation is of an alien input into all national affairs of state. It actually baffles one’s intelligence, that do not comprehend that this invisible expanding net work of political rustlers are nothing less that fronts, tools, in practicing a Marxian devised mode of political communist infiltration, into the hearts and souls of inarticulate mobs, of whom make up our commie run pseudo democracy. The very first act of population expulsion, death, is to fortify an emerging police state. This evidenced as we witness the state police powers under FEMA and SWAT garrisons— destroy the middle class and create starvation. The United Nations Organization will be the center operation.


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