People in America should scream out loud when forced into unexplained vaccinations. Most citizens really believe that The American Medical Association has a conscious. Its actual claim to past history displays a counter productivity, as to the nation’s health. In essence, this system has been slow for decades in warning millions over the years of death by injection. We should not crowd in against this incorporated nest of shielding their associated investors, governmental too, in singling out one fox alone, hanging out, collectively, with the nation’s pharmaceutical racketeers. The scales of justice is imbalanced according to the present. Without this conglomeration of professional pill rollers, is to ally them with the notorious needle injection without really making it clear as to unsubstantial information, is shoved into hundreds of investor’s bank accounts, with little care as to millions who have died, and millions on the way, Less we forget Anthrax, fluoride, aids, measles, chicken pox, chlorine and chemically loaded soft drinks and polluted air! What harm should a few needles do, or rather the fluid dispensed through controlled ignorance.


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