Generally Bible scholars are not clear as to who are really Jews. The word Jew came into existence around 1775. This word is not found in the old or new testaments. In fact, Shakespeare nor anyone before him never used the word. The master lie that Christ was of Jewish extraction is the most brilliant lie ever forwarded into print.
Christ was King of the Judeans, not Jews. The Pharisee speaking to Christ was a mongrel. This individual was not a Jew. He claimed that he was the seed of Abraham, but Christ rebuked him. Certainly he was neither Jew not Judean, for there were no Jews at that time. Clearly, these mongrels clashed with the Judeans, in claiming that they were practicing divine guidance of which was false.
Clearly, the word Jew is a translators option for Judean. But the translators went to work just about the time of the American Revolution. Abraham was no Jew; yet a mongrel, not a Jew nor Judean, was nothing but a roaming nomad. Pharisee! Christ addressed this vagabond as a liar–a breed of low-level humanity. Our Lord declared that this individual’s father was of the devil: of whom had killed all the prophets from the beginning of time. Too, zeckariah, ( PROPHET 600 BC ), was murdered between the temple and wall, by a mongrel who was no Jew, but a Hebrew. Let’s quit blaming specific Jews of whom did not exist in the days of Christ


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