Methinks that the mastermind behind Patton’s assassination was the work of Eisenhower, not Truman. There was no love lost between Patton and MacArthhur, Of course, Truman didn’t rate MacArthur too highly, either.
Truman had asked Eisenhower to run for president as a Democrat. Eisenhower then ran as a Republican. Truman felt betrayed. Their animosity boiled over at Eisenhower’s Presidential inauguration, when Eisenhower refused to get out of the car to meet Truman, and Truman refused to come out and meet Eisenhower.
Eisenhower knew that Patton knew too much about his continual pandering to the British. Patton’s hands were repeatedly tied by Supreme Command while Montgomery received support at the 7th Army’s and 3rd Armiy’s expense.
Patton also knew that the war could have been brought to an earlier conclusion, had it not been for Ike’s pandering caused by his political ambitions. Of course, Patton readily recognized that the conclusion of WWll was simply setting the stage for our conflicts with the Russians.
Eisenhower needed Patton taken out.


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