THE MAGIC MYSTERY BOX CRIMINALS CONTROL ALL SEGMENTS OF OUR NATIONAL LIFE. THE TELEVISION INDUSTRY IS CONTROLLED BY ALIEN INVESTORS; THEIR JOB IS TO DESTROY THE MENTALITY OF YOUNG AND INNOCENT BEINGS. NO ONE SPEAKS AGAINST THIS MONSTER MACHINE THAT INDUCES CRIME IN WRECKING AMERICA. IN ESSENCE, IT IS NOW A CRIME IN ORDER FOR ONE NOT TO BE SOME SORT OF CRIMINAL WITHIN THE USA. THERE IS A WAR GOING ON AGAINST OUR YOUTH NATIONWIDE. PERVERTS CONTROL THIS COUNTRY AND ARE DEDICATED TO CORRUPT YOUTH WITH THE MOST OBNOXIOUS EXPOSURE TO FILTH AND SELF-HATRED. YOUNG BRAINS JUST CANNOT TAKE IT ANY LONGER. Hold on, we must go back to the latter 18th century. At that time nations a cross the western world could be alerted by professional parasites of political intrigue as to what was going on in America, while this mysterious invention was unknown. This was a form of short wave communication prior to revealed Morse Code, and when the short wave radio came onto our national communications. Only a hand full of trained anti-religious and devilish fornicators spread their hatred towards the nation of SHEM, America. The problem was the modern day descendants son of Noah, for the other nations was under their wing. Yes, indeed, the very foundations of national communication via electronics proceeded from this well concealed box in the hands of a universal priesthood to counter all universal religions, for this Satanic movement was of Lucifer’s origin. America is under the spell of an illicit stock market being allied with the Treasury Dept. The nation’s professional class has been dumbed down and swindled under an alien gangsterism of base robbery, in being literally swindled.The middle class has lost influence through rule as alian criminals, investors, have taken control through their collective illegal investments. Further, this holds true for our educational institutions racket in controlling student’s book works. The most harrowing achievement is over our national medical industry. In other word’s America’s economic structure is in the grip of those modern day descendants once ruling via the Magic Mystery Box. The political infrastructure has been fractualized as preplanned. This country is under one ( Gordian’s Knot ). Through alien smuggling monies and control of the national economy through corruption, our Congress is put to sleep by bribe’s, whiskey, intellectual prostitution and open deception. There is no doubt about it. The war on the family was made good and is to continue through young mothers, schools and colleges. Our nation, SHEM, has become a class of cowards. Our family and their hopes in a creator has been put to rest. The enemies within national government actually work for an ancient enemies desire to finally take over America. National communications in all manner of public information are out doing a mechanism that is now buried in the dust of past history.


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