It is often wondered if mother nature loves rodents. Dozens of cities. tourist traps,  are infested with lowly politicians, plus waves of rats is quiet a combination. However, there have been reported that many tourist-hustling cities of wharf rats ten to thirteen inches length. The origin of these monstrous rodents is Louisiana. Most likely, such ghetto-infiltrated cites inherited these through trailer parks that milked the touring industry when rats found a home on wheels. Ghetto experts could care less about these out of town visitors infesting shacks or lean-to operation. Homes infested with rodents is a going thing with home made real estate investors thriving off the labor of significant slum dwellers fenced in by clap-board existence. In fact. there is a book on he market. ( Garden of Evil ), wherein it is noted that one slum master owns 500 homes in a specific city.

What a shame! Check with bankrupt specific states with city/county management systems. Here we will discover rogues in disguise taxing citizens to keep the tourist industry on its feet and local people can go straight to hell. Yes, open corruption under the city manager system of political prostitution. This is the final result in using these fools in stripped suits and silk hats to milk any and all citizens to the hilt by taxes.|The late flick with James Cagney, as city manager,   (You Dirty Rats ), anchors right into the possibility that four legged-rats and two-legged political rodents are in the same boat. It will be more humane by making it clear as to what nuisance is to be tolerated, those called dirty rats, or the two-legged political blight, who steals with two legs on the floor and both hands in some cities vault or parking meter funds, while plundering tenants in some ghetto outpost




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