Every normal personality cultivate subconscious impiety, or an inner sanctum of repressed eroticism, socially unfit,  and  working in manners in hanging onto  repressed .yearnings. Generally,  If these stored ideas are not released verbally,  because of civil legislation, then  such infected personalities are forced back into the darkest corner of a self-rejected agent of human disparity. Here we have an individual lost into every day reality and alone with out recognition. In other words a full-blown neurotic running the streets as a loose cannon.

As an early suckling  these so-called babe’s in arms are fully aware of noises and words spoken. For the good or worse, an infant enters grammar school for a politically revised education. In prior years things, spoken words,  collide with the real world. If intelligent individuals can be reconciled  through proper education. we might conclude that a previously injured personality has overdone the psychic norm,  ( Personality Suppression Complex syndrome), in approaching future manhood.

Studying through years  respectively of humanoids, socially sick mental neurotics at times, fall into Freud’s (  OEDIPUS COMPLEX ). Here,, supposedly, a father..dies and his son marries his mother. In ancient days at Antioch, first  Christian church, a race of Devils invaded the church and tried to practice this doctrine.
But lo and behold, this  psychotic choice of self-demeanorship,.  in  essence, hundreds of self-hating individuals turn on  an all mothers’ of whom have higher bred  standings.

To profess to be hated by ones own mother drives many into bringing this spell upon innocent souls, that are not acquainted  with devils in the flesh, that teach a doctrine  of which the Apostle Paul , mother  haters, as a doctrine emerging from the lowest realm  of hell. . Beings that hate their own mothers in practice suffer from ( The Personality Suppression Gravitational Syndrome.) An insane asylum is the last hope !


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    Jacob, Israel, had a rwin abrother named Esau. Their parents, Rebecca and Isaac, warned them not ro pollute their blood lineage via marrying into strange flesh. Jacob kept his oath and loyality; however, Esau violated God’s law of genertics.Today, DNA is scientifically correct and proves that Isaac possessed devine intervention. Noah had three sons on entering his Ark, Ham, Shem, and Japhtet. Our Lord’s chosen
    nation, people, come rhrough Shem. Our Lord walked and talked with Abraham. Abraham is the father of all
    narions, and all people are his children; yet God has laws that will never waver in the least degree. If anyone is a shamed of his nation, then take this up with our Lord. We have bastardized
    liberals controlling our national government. God warned of these liberals, when He dwelt
    with Moses, Jacob, and Abraham. Here are the accursed blood lines that ancient Esau
    intermarried with. In his biography 1941, the late President HerbertHoover stated that America
    was in the ways of ancient Esau. The prophet Esra lay on the ground and asked God to
    forgive Israel’s uninhibited massive whordedom in the streets of Palistine. He openly names the mixed blood lines that God’s chosen seedline allied with—-Caananites, Hittites,
    Perizzites,Ammonites, Moabites, Egyptians, Actually, Esau was of Shem, the chosen seedline, but married a Hittite. Edomites control our national affairs. Phallus worship runs back to Esau’s mistake and Edomite is his nation’s name. Sexual perversion is a political
    machine being allied with Beezlebub and his family of devils. He is the founder of pseudo
    democracy and pseudo republicanism. Only a complete fool would put these scoundrels
    into public office. Mental slavery is psychological warfare against all inarticulate nations
    that make up our one nation rule via the ballot box. Know thy self first and vote later!

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