For thousands of years there have been questions, as to whether chickens have lips, or snakes have hips. No one has stepped into the limelight, paying attention to such comic dribble. But a most reasonable consideration questions Democracy vs Republicanism. Is it possible to recycle Republicanism to the point that Democracy will always remain as a political tool, a babe-in-arms. Hardly so! There was not a time on earth, even before the Great Deluge, that Democracy did not exist. Examine Babylon, Jericho, Canaan, Palestine, past and future unites that Demonocracy will remain. The Standard bearer of modern-day Democracy evolved from ancient monetary’s mitosis of wealth, monotheism, into sharing a little via placating various mob entities, to scream for more crumbs from a full slice. In a nutshell, even before Christ, the riddle of Democracie’s failure to fade
into the ancient dust, and as now, will never take place. Adam Smith in his ” Wealth of Nations’, had not attempted to unravel the riddle of an ever standing mysterious economic riddle. And he was the Grandfather of modern-day economics. Karl Marx never did explain how Democracy developed. It took one man, Socrates,
an ancient Athenian philosopher, ( 399 B.c. ), to warn of the grave consequences, in speaking out as against any Democratic state. Socrates was a Democrat;

he goes on. No man on earth who conscientiously opposes either you, ( speaking to a jury ), The ” Apology ), or any other organized democracy, and flatly prevents a great many wrongs and illegalities; ( the court was in republican hands ), from taking place in the state to which he belongs, can possibly escape with his life. Socrates suggested that it would be wise for anyone to avoid politics in order to live a happy and decent life.

Absolutely not! We cannot recycle Democracy. But we need to recycle political whoredom when given a chance. Now is the time for the very ideal of a thoroughly garbage canning most of the thieves in state control. Only through genuine contempt should be held against the Commie rule of America, in the hands of an international scheme of financiers, of whom have a craving desire to drag our nation into the palms of a pseudo, anti-social Utopian scheme, in pulling the middle class down into a national gutter of, ( Democracy ), fronting for true Democracy. AMERICA MUST RECYCLE POLITICAL HOODLUMS——and revamping the Democracy that has been corrupted!


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