Beginning in 1800 thousands of immigrants from eastern Europe flooded New York City via Ellis Island. After the failing revolution in Russia of 1792, wealthy  people fled to New York from eastern Europe. This was better than being jailed. All of these people settled in the eastern end of New York City. Here a major ghetto was formed. In fact, communism took root here. Yes, communism went out of New York City and went into Russia. And now, it has returned and has actually overthrown America. There is a question as to the origin of the people known as khazars. This is a joke being palmed off on stupid people. Napoleon in his then known war through the eastern world was a tool in the hands of financiers. He established the first Synagogue in south east Arabia, It does not matter  as to what social structure people are drawn from, for this has no bearing on a global movement using religion as a means to implant a well developed an anti-social structure developed thousands of years in the past ! Let’s get it straight–Gentile and Jewish bankers have created a monstrous structure called investments, and of which a majority of gangsters have control over the Stock exchange. These illicit investors would marry the devil to make a fast buck. If we are going to attack a people in flawlessly, putting them in hand baskets, then take a look at the gentile bastards that borrow their money to do dirty things to make a fast buck. The dirtiest bastards are those who borrow Jewish or gentile moneys to commit criminal acts in the commercial industries, and creating ghettos through slum mastering, desire to blame money loaners, because they failed in some corrupt transaction, and hate to repay interest.


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