It is often wondered if mother nature loves rodents. Hundreds  of cities are infested with politicians, plus waves of rats, is quiet a combination. However, there have been reported in several tourist-trapping states of wharf rats ten to thirteen inches length,Most likely these filthy cites must be infested with man-made rats, office loungers, thriving off the labor of insignificant hoards of inarticulate tax-paying souls. What a shame. Check with the many cities, states, and one will discover most are under the city manager-county system of political prostitution. This is the final result in using these fools in stripped pants and straw hats laying in wait to milk any and all citizens to the hilt by taxes.The late flick with James Cagney as City Manager,  (You Dirty Rats), anchors right into the possibility that four legged rats and two-footed political rodents are in the same boat. It will be more humane by making it clearer as to what nuisance is to be tolerated– those four-legged creatures, or the two-legged scoundrels of political blight, who steals, while two legs propped upon a desk, and both hands in some citie’s vault or parking meter funds.


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