Thank you for taking interest in  spreading the word of God. True, all of us are the children of God. What make makes me angry is as America basses its name on Democracy and then our devilish  leaders go over seas to bomb and destroy helpless people over the earth.. Of course you might say that is none of my business, and to let them murder and plunder in the name of Christianity. We have hundreds of religious philosophies, movements, within America. The problem is that churches are getting fatter and the people poorer and poorer.

Yes, i am amazed just how you so simply explained your faith in God. What you have  said absolutely is put forth is simplicity of thought. You are correct. One should not try to take take God’s place. As you implied, if one acts in accordance with God’s will, then blessings will come forth.

You have taken the time to explain to a complete stranger as to how one might serve our Lord and seek happiness by doing so. What you have denoted is clear and will bring peace and harmony into one’s life. It is true that we are all God’s children.  And this is one great problem within America. I was born and raised in America. We have people in  office who are greedy and oppress the people of all faiths. It is hard not to speak out against  those who preach corruption and create racial hatred


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