Who is the fairest of all?

No such thing as a Mormon church, Mormon was a scribe, historian. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is not a religion–Priesthood of Melchezedek. Some people join this church, while others have the church joining them. All religions in America are man-made philosophjies. Our Lord mentions all of them, particular one, as the world’s whore and was set up by Satan. Satan is a god too. He can appear as an angel. He also gives revelation in deceiving misled souls. Every living person on earth needs to express themselves. Since pseudo democracy will dumb people down, they get depressed, and suppress their true feelings. The young lady speaking is most likely a victim of a repressed personalty. She needs expression in order to vent pent-up anxiety. Like hundreds around her, many are suffering from
Freud’s specified neurosis: The Personality Suppression Complex Syndrome.

Tattooing is one’s own business. Here branding one’s self is a cry for public attention. In other words, this walking bill-board shouts–look! I am part of the vast mob that roams the streets, in order to feel wanted. In ancient days hogs and cattle were branded. Those who bring into a belief in marching to their own drummer hears only noise.Those who daily scream God, God, God, is like a Don Quixote fighting windmills, over self-infatuation !


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