These people have suffered in trying to warn the world before and after WW11—.William Joyce, school teacher in London. Jokingly, his London commie sympathizers labeled Joyce as Lord Ha Ha. Even though Joyce was not of British citizenship, he was tried and hanged as such. Mr. joyce was a united States citizen. Britain lost all of its colonies. She has been, London, is now being flooded with the trash from four corners of the globe. Mr. Joyce did not die in vain.

General George Mosely, citizen, lived in London. This man warned Londoners day after day,  the dangers of Bolshevism. He comprehended the brutish nature of this eastern world anti-social movement, like a slow cancer, that had moved into a land not known as Russia then. This happened around 200  A.D.—- out of Asia, roaming no mads settled between the Caspian and Black seas.  As Mosley warned, not only England, but America,  was in his time, Mosley’s, then ruled with alien visionaries spreading universal socialism. Mr. Mosley expired peacefully, but not in vain. Socialism in America took root from the ground up at the turn of the 18th century. This anti-social  incipiient communism’s adapters bedded down within the eastern end of New York , York’s ghetto community.

Less we forget Ezra pound, this poetical visionary had been our contemporary world’s most  out standing poet.  It  had taken  him 40 years to compose his ” Cantos ” No, he did not die in vain .Mr. Pound was an American citizen. His propergander  was via  radio during WW11. He broadcasted from Italy. Like others, he warned of international financial engineers  bringing  on a useless war,  that was in nature, an an advancement  arm instigated  war for industrial expansion . His premise was that war was a racket. Pound new that Bolshevism was the very root to entrench  the United states and England within the global spread of international Bolshevism. He did not die in vain. In 1945 Pound was put away via the St. Elizabeth’s mental institution in Washington, D.C. Pro-commie Roosevelt would not give Pound a court hearing. Pound,urged a trial for treason.A well known lawyer by the name of Klein of Jewish Extraction, took pound’s case and lain out the fundamentals of basic communism’s it had taken root in New York, City. Klein was hounded to death by hundreds of red-cell societies nation wide.
           This information accuses our national administration as being allied with an invisible government of world-wide proportions, and glove-in-hand with a machine of political whoredom being engaged to bring down our western society, America, right into the arms of a world order based upon an ancient political philosophy known as a confederated pseudo democracy based upon political anarchy.


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