America is infested with lawyers of whom are making it difficult for laboring people to receive and fill out their own tax forms. This is a master scheme of political whoredom, to compel productive citizens to use up their savings for old age protection. Instead of printing more fiat monies the feds are allowing alien money hustlers to loot legally, while this on going gangster monopoly racket is taking up billions in order to loot American dollars to send back the European financial agents, in planning for the ever approaching universal depression. A master criminal network pro [ Democratic Socialism ) that slowly was developed in Austria during the mid eighteen hundreds in Austria. This machine is traced back to the Russian Revolution of 1902 and earlier. Here Zionism, in Austria took final roots as a global movement in an interest for a strip of land in Palestine that took roots in 1948-Israel.
With the aid of Roosevelt and Truman, land was to be gathered for their own use in foreign nations. This is just another monopoly to literally ground down our national economy, while raiding private incomes in order to keep the dying economic system flourishing to cover up an ever expanding universal depression! Through an European network of financial racketeers and the control of the Federal Reserve our Republic ,America, is fast becoming a Third-World banana Republic. The national legal system should be abolished,
as to its natural instinct to protect the Reds in Congress who are in the absolute control off non-American
professional pro Red Democracy, as professional sycophants hoodlums–natural-born hoods!


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