Spencer, It is impossible to be an atheist. To be an atheist, because subconsciously you are compelled to believe that something must exist, otherwise you deal in abstractions. Satan loves to divert honest people like you. He, Lucifer, is a trickster in  deception; his weapon, trap, has pulled you into his web of delusional deliverance through the art of psychic irreversibility.

Social engineering seems to be the foundation of your moment rant in declaring your so called disbelief of divine intervention. Certainly, it demonstrates your

declared honest to step forward and to actually loathe and abhor the corruption all

around us. Thanks for be observant personality, for you are one in a million that something is wrong in America. Well, it is! Our country is controlled by perverts. Actually we are under thought control. The communist party that its doctrine of universal socialism is in out front yard right now. Our nation, particular white, and all nations that form democratic way of life are doomed into mental slavery.

Fundamentally, organized communist gangsters and Red Russian revolutionaries control our National Educational  industry, the federal Reserve system, the Treasury Dept., New York Stock Exchange, and now are moving in with state dictatorships known as the City and county management form of communist rule. God forbid ! they have complete control of our united States State Department. There is an old saying: better red than dead. Well, this whole country  been become a sewer running over with Reds and their police state through SWAT and Fama gestapo tactics. PLEASE DO NOT LET SATAN’S GANG DUMB YOU DOWN INTO ATHEISM. God bless you as an individual !


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