Tax free foundations, many, have destroyed America.
Stock exchange criminals of alien extractions have our country under the interest system.
Political gangsters created the City and Country management system. These are petty state dictatorships.
The United Nations is a for universal socialism.
Parker meter monies are distributed and accounted for in most states.
America is only a province of the England.
Abraham Lincoln was a tool of the global financial empire .
Rothschild had 5 sons; each son inherited one billion dollars each after their father’s death.
We have fifty states being ruled subtly through alien governments. Read Article 6, Section 6 of the Constitution on treaties.
The late Presidents Roosevelt and Harry Truman, were surrounded by Russian spies during WW11.
America is in the paws of Jewish and gentile banksters working for a pseudo religious system, geared to overlap oriental fundamentalism, with western world occidentalism through our pseudo democracy.
Three major religions in America do not accept the cross–Jehovah Witnesses–Israel and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints—WHY?
Harry Truman fired Patton and MacArthur to aid world communism.
After three tries Patton was Murdered.
Milk and sugar are poisons in use to literally kill off the national population.
General Eisenhower had a love affair all through WW11.
It is now dangerous to oppose the present takeover of our republic.
The enemy in control right now consider the total population as mere cattle and swine.
Intellectual perverts control the State Department,
FEMA and SWAT  are merely storm troopers awaiting to eliminate dissidents and
any who opposes communism.
Bolshevism, the father of communism,  is a forerunner of internationalism.
All man made religions are dangerous are blinded the truth of communism, because of receiving free tax monies from the IRS.
The Federal Reserve is privately owned and has no  right to distributing  money.
The U.S Treasury Department obligation is to distribute money.
During WW11 the treasury was loaded with spies via being appointed by Franklin Roosevelt. Millions  of dollars to America’s enemies overseas.
During WW11 the KGB, SSI  and the OSS worked hand-in-glove as police agencies and spies aiding in Red Russia to hold onto eastern Europe under the banner of Bolshevism.
Stalin, Roosevelt,Truman, Churchill and Rabbi Wise opted to pull out all troops from Europe in leaving that continent open for Russia to maintain its influence with its military might.
It is now a crime in order for one not to be some sort of criminal within the confines of the United States.
Instead of glorifying great dead leaders from the dust of the past, we must hold high respects for living traitors. We must not let the dead legislate to the living.
One voice against the alien rule IS A MAJORITY  Wake up Americans!


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