Bertharina Rina Oh he does explain our march into global depression. The globalists I speak of do consist of global network of Jewish and Gentile rule through the art of gold manipulation. He doesn’t mention the Jews, but he uses the term globalists. But you are right. But the globalist network is made up of all sorts of people in groups, societies and cabals. All these people are being used as puppets to forward the agenda that the ruling elite have devised. Forgetting the blood lines, It was started in the 18th century by Adam Weishaupt who created the Illuminati. His co conspirators were hung, but it still continues to this day under wraps under threat of financial, personal destruction, or death. JFK spoke of them in his famous speech. And don’t let others tell you he meant communists either. The aim is to destroy the West as we know it and rebuild it in their blueprint. It’s happening now with the debt crisis and the things you mentioned in your comment. Satanists are in all parts of the govt and in power everywhere. I know this. They use paedophilia as a tool for domination and blackmail. Another means of destroying someone as I mentioned earlier


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