2 years ago


Karl Marx predicted this in his Communist Manifesto of 1848. Too.
that people in the professions were not laborers, ( workers ), and were
somewhat above getting corns on their hands. Marx’s coworker Fredrick
Engels, witnessed the destruction of the family in that such of a system
was contrary to scientific socialism. However one might view Marx’s and
Engel’s, view on a futuristic society Marx’s economic theory holds
water. The eastern world and the western world ( Oxidental/Oriental ),
are equivalent in handling labor, but the old chime that no one in the
professions labor is a well-worn shade of bamboozling various classes of
labor. And now, Interest capitalism vs pure capitalism must drop their
blinders and come to face with both issues of labor as befitting workers
using their brains and laborers on the end of a shovel.


Marx proclaimed,” Workers of the world unite). Obviously mobocracy
seems to have skipped the mid stream, of the world’s productive systems (
labor ), and what we view now no one has an answer-CRIME, CORRUPTION,
POVERTY, AND DISEASE. Both pseudo political parties are stalled with no
plan to meet any national social rebellion world wide. What we witness
today actually threads back to 1933 under the ( New Deal
Administration ), of the late Franklin D. Roosevelt. The late Teddy
Roosevelt, had been beforehand, an instigator concerning the so-called
European Concert in western Europe as a forerunner of the League of
Nations-the present United Nations Organizations is a formal political
concoction of the globalizing Rothschild banking network, operating
under the The Bank of England. From the hankerings from Teddy Roosevelt
until Harry Solomon Truman assumed the unelected culprit as President of
the United States. Bringing all this to a closure is to view the nasty
record of Russian, British, and American contemporary civilization. In a
nutshell, one must take the bull by the tail and to the situation
square in its face,


inwardly, all three are dealing with population explosions. Pseudo
Democracy, a banker’s syndicated criminal network, plus pseudo
republicanism’s intellectual platform would never reach into Plato’s
Republic, for there is no room for any abstract government. our national
governmental system is in the hands of professional criminals in the
hands of judicial gangsterism, State Department of ambassadorial lapdogs
in alliance with the Devil in order

to obtain a valise at large, in order to visit whore houses and free
liquor in France at the assume expence of all tax payers. All of the
before mentioned runs into infinity, while lawyers, doctors, and
finance continues to breed intellectual paupers that will eventual rule a
future welfare state.


Suggestion is that all global revolutionaries, free loaders,
deadbeats, anti-social humanoids, and ghetto experts, come where the
gutters run free with honey and milk-grab a biscuit and sop your way to
prosperity. Pseudo Communism and pseudo Democracy, thrown in with

abstraction of pseudo Republicanism is reaping what they have sown-revolt of the masses !


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