Does this mean that Israel is just a speck on this planet? Israel is a chosen race-God’s people. I believe that this information is a drop in the bucket, when we consider the Gaza Strip. Just think of it. All this wealth under the global Zionist movement.
It would be well if our State Department would keep its nose out of other  alien nation’s business
     Americans generally, are the best read people on mother earth, and the least informed. From the late Woodrow Wilson to the present, our nation, Israel, is being politically gutted and into the paws of international Bolshevism. Bolshevism is a disguise, for universal socialism under the precepts that communism is using America in aborting freedom, in furthering the dragging of a dumbed-down national population, into an unseen invisible utopian anti-social scheme sustained by agents of Satan–Beezlebub and his family of devils in the flesh. These devils were bounced from the Creator’s presence winding up in controlling honest tax payers through give away monies, in supporting world-wide revolutions through the United Nations Organizations.
    The spirit to triumph  has been lost in our Republic. It is too late to shed tears for our hour has arrived. Our last hope is that God will forgive our nation, for going awry of His warnings. God always  dealt with his people when his laws are down graded, and this was countered by bringing famines.  It is obvious that the current weather fluctuations is a blue print for tomorrow..
       THERE ARE TWIN ISRAEL’S ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH. One is in America and the other in the near East. It is pertinent that this statement should be checked out. For in the last days one should stand on Holy ground when a well planned global depression is gradually moving into America. This cyclops of Marxian, plus Lenin’s plan of christian destruction  is on course, with a one-way track to destruct Western Christian civilization. This force cannot be reversed, for pseudo democracy is Zionism’s chief opponent of our Republican form of government. It’s too late to head for ballot boxes. Out time has come !.


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