Why are the world’s Gypsies treated so ugly. Under Zackariah, the prophet, these people were Jews.

This prophet let them go into Egypt in order to get away from the famine in Canaan. No man is nothing

that turns his back on his fellow man. We are all God’s children and should come under the covenant in which our creator swore that all nations through Abraham’s seed line would be blessed. However, the Gypsies are left on their own to be persecuted through out the world. The questioned remains : why can’t

these people get their palms into the U.S Treasury in using the organized religious scheme in raking in a few bucks from national tax payers. The rejuvenated scriptures-Come unto me and your man-made gods

will fill thy temples, ( bodies ), with worldly goods. Please do not turn thy backs on fellow creatures. This

would be an insult to an unknown creator.


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