We have a Congress and Supreme Court somewhat well-endowed with–much more than a speaker’s polished syndrome of lying. Much of Sigmund Freud’s analytic insight into the behavioral science of our national multicultural twisted-orientation in compromising humanistic intentions, in the ejaculation through the expulsion of repressive drives of stored up anxiety the, motion picture, ” High Noon ” is an example of what well-planted political prostitutes apparently base their concealed two-branch psycho-neurosis, ” Do not forsaken me my darling. ”
No man is an island; in this measure, America has snow-balled into what is counter to any organized civilization, and that is a state of muck and mire of several nations loosing their God-given identities under combined peoples to live and to survive under a confederated republic.
At this very moment, our Republic is being scientifically shreaded through the art of hand-crafted methods through the designs of political, social, scholarly, religious, and ideological occult underground revolutionary impostors, being deported from former Third World nations, showing up on American soil as imported emigres.
Incorporated as an underground network in destabilizing the machinery of national government via creating cells in all areas of national, state city, and county civil industries is a political manifestation via having moles operating under the CITY-COUNTY management system. Be not deceived; this is an absolute inroad – the driving force of universal communism. Yes, indeed, right under our noses there is an underground pro-red movement to further socialize where ever this monster rules through dictatorial authority.
There is a rule, what goes around comes around. This is one metaphor that has not yet obtained it’s earned remittance. This rule of equivalent returns has no investment whatsoever amidst the Supreme Court tyrants, of whom literally commit civil statutory rape of all helpless citizens when in cession. Rape without citizen conscientious is unlawful treason.
Dredging up Congress with its inability to split with an all-house bridesmaid of petty-coat swindlers and professional street-walkers, amuses its self with square-dancing around imaginary political prostitutes, in deciding as whether to abort any political rape on both sides of the isle, or to let their fellow bed-partners- bench-warmers of the high court, lay back and reconsider the petty-coat issue. And the perpetual civil and political abortion issue continues to roll along. To be politically abused, and molested by tort or vote, this over estimated and under cover agents, hirelings, are up in arms sexual preference in some alley way instead of being concerned about stinger rockets and drones zeroing in on nations who harbor more concern for safeness and to hell with as to how lovers might vote for either socializing party in America.
For heaven’s sake, the State Department as of this moment is being ignored. Believe me, eventually we will discover a skirt that will fall into line that will abort and socially impound any ambassador that cannot square dance. From the movie, ” High Noon, ” ” Do not leave me oh my darling ” to ” – ” Oh’ What a Beautiful Morning ” from the movie, ” “Oklahoma.” The best moment for now is to one-group with congress, the State Dept. and the supreme court to their nearest watering-hole in order to enjoy one massive belly-dance get together. We do not need to quiver over who pays he bill-both in money and other notables !

Many pro-Reds were within our state Dept. during the years of WW11.These female scoundrels were capable of strolling down Pennsylvania Ave. with a mattress strapped to their backs in order to deceive their ties to an alien ambassadorial parasitic employment. Today, we have what is known as a rocket-docket while dirt-bags are standing in line to serve an invisible hand.


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