Time usually tells when two global political ideologies come face to face, as two immoveable personalities meet head on when an unpleasant political situation has developed within the Ukrainian ” Crimea. ” This constituent republic of Russia is a geological nat in comparison to greater Russia and its vast land. President Vladimir Putin well comprehends the past inner struggle from the late I.V. Lenin upwards through Joseph Stalin. Putin is trying to rewind historical beginnings back to the days when Bolshevism took roots in 1918. President Putin is somewhat like the elephant in that he never forgets. In essence, Putin is clever in that his political monstrosity needles ahead as an elephant tramping the under ground with a clear view of what lies beyond. At least, President Putin has the rule of parliamentarian consciousness
Like a whirlwind out of eastern Europe, America’s guardian eagle icon has spread its talons, in fear of a monster’s stamping ground through the Crimea. Now, the powers that be, an invisible clan of anti-social engineers as global rulers, is warning the elephant by way of sending armaments and troops into East Poland in order to somewhat warn an apparent enemy not to mess with an eagle of ole-Uncle Sam unless you can fly. Well, we have a political stalemate when paranoidism fills the political atmosphere between Eastern Poland and Crimean wheat fields. Of course, bread and raw minerals is not the bare issue, but this problem has wavered back and forth through out Eastern Europe. The annexing of landed nations though our state Dept. as a mid stream to further our nation’s move through post imperialism is a fraudulent scheme of an alien machine of world domination. The Putin government does not spread its wings through annexation nor stinger rockets but continually dips into the Marxian perception of global socialism. This is why the Crimea incident is a turning-back situation for both sides of the globe.
Going back into history Hitler and Stalin made a treaty. Hitler took over Austria, and Red Russia gulped up the three Balkan states, not not mention Yugoslavia and East Poland.
And then President Gorbachev denounced Joseph Stalin’s mind-set towards Bolshevism and its bridesmaid communism. We can turn and twist this coin as pleased but both sides do not vary. The mother of all lies is that communism is dead. The struggle now is to literally trick our American republic that Karl Marx’s materialistic dialectical materialism has fallen through cracks of a police state ruler ship of pro-communist revolutionaries now form cells with every state and national government. America is now a commie controlled police state. The Crimea deal is delusional on both opposites of social configuration in the usefulness of brain washing the inarticulate masses aren’t aware as to the socialist movement harboring in the atmosphere of political prostitution and its diverting middle-class intellectuals through the management of political serfdom through the gang in congress and planted traitors within the Dept. of state. A good example would be John Kerry and Hillary Clinton when it comes to foreign affairs.
John Kerry has his know-nothing trip to Europe and the Crimea in fulfilling his alter ego to aid his fellow travelers bedded down in national government. The state dept. has always been dreaded down with liars and swindlers from its earliest existence. Kerry, as Hillary, are and were tools of an invisible globalists movement in pulling for alien power brokers in furthering to destruct our national system of democracy. The state Dept. is in the hands of fools and political gangsters. Under Franklin Roosevelt, traitor, this man ignored Secretary of state Hull. In 1943 at Tewan, Iran, The big three met: Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill dealt with Joseph Stalin. Roosevelt was in absolute dementia and out of his mind. This pro-commie gave anything that Stalin wanted. He also gave Stalin fifty-thousand people from Germany of all walks of life. These innocent people were to be shot behind their heads when entering Siberia. They had been lost forever. There is no reason to assume this same situation will be reenacted upon our American continent if this gang in control continue to ignore the state Dept. while slowly being dumbed down by the pro-Red communist infiltrated pseudo democratic/republican parties as a combined clan in furthering international socialism.


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