The holy land stops all the machinery of public commercialism-stultified,

with investors heads bowed, as President Netanyahu hopefully awaits Iran to commit

another genocide act against the state of Israel. An excuse is needed to commit

murder, in the name of population expansion, and a political reverberation  reacting

towards undaunted selfish rule, as personified idealism backed by NATO and WALL ST.

Stinger rockets and grenades aimed at Israel or Gazi populations, or individual clans, is nothing but open slaughter, that illicit investors over the globe pocket monetary proceeds, from suffering humanity.

Since the era of ancient Egypt are still lurking in the minds of man in the

hemisphere, we have Osiris, Isis, and Astardi.

investors over the globe pocket monetary proceeds from suffering humanity.

since the era of ancient Egypt are still lurking in the minds of man–in the

hemisphere we have Osiris, Isis, and Astardi. These are phallus worshiping gods.


America should dump all three of these man-made gods, as the great Golan

Monster, collectively, hanging over Europe, that lurches over all pseudo near and Middle east populations,

overlapping european commercial industry, reaching back into the Bank of England and

thus into the Disunited States of America. Obviously, we have a triangular

configuration of three religious monopolies, Zionism, Catholicism, and

protestantism, caught amidst this entrenched net in an alliance to actually dumb-down all mankind; to fall in

line with questionable origins of manufacturing, what is to be put forward

on Heaven’s platter via sent forth from podium to state operations; in

covering up for global illicit investing through any and all states, that

thrive from the open robbery of all productive people. This operation of

commercial slaughter of innocent nations around the universe coincides with

human global genocide and nothing else.


Taking all things as a whole, of which leads to any sort of genocide,

starvation or incineration, whether in Jerusalem or Iran, blinds the cruel

act of political crime and unthinkable inhumanity of the present

administration. One of the greatest acts against a hand full of religious

followers was the mass murder of Christians at Waco, Texas. Attorney

General Janet Reno and Bill Clinton actually slaughtered women, men, and

children, because David Koresh’s biblical theory did not coincide with

national oppositional religious configurations, including oriental religious fundamentalism

and would not take freebies from the IRS. Well, FEMA, SWAT, and civil authorities had a

field-day in using tanks, gas, and armed troops, in dealing out unchained

Hell against innocent citizens. The same gang that controls Netanyahu and waylays Arabs.


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