Figuratively speaking the Eastern world, specifically Russia,will never slip into a linguistic trap of universal financial engagement via the world international finance, in order to push any political philosophy that will go against the nation’s religion of Greek Orthodoxism. If the late
The late Priest Rasputin, under the Czar, saw that heads would roll. Vladimir Putin is blocking heads instead, in sustaining orthodox Christianity as culture. Political gangsters within the NATO combination has failed to unite bribed nations to completely cripple Russian influence and culture, to be extinguished for global conquest! Liberal prostitution to mother nature is freakiest and will eventually step in and reverse Babylonian inspired American political prostitution of Left wingers to reverse in righting a magnificent wrong to be launched against helpless Third World nations. Nimrod was the first imperialists. Congressional handlers have become a political cyclops for global expansion. Hopefully, mother nature will eventually step in to turn Babylonian inspired American political gangsterism to square a magnificent wrong without drones and stinger rockets concerning the Crimean affair, where land grabbing should be extinguished for world conquest, in the interest of quelling Western world imperialism and Russian provincialism is the new order global rejuvenation
Contrary to the Crimean conflict one must examine America’s gradual decline as a super government with global military and monetary influence. This nations declination has been well planned for years beforehand. Through the infiltration of alien language and and culture our original republic has been politically decimated and doomed. It is no coincidence nor miscarriage of honest rule that has caused our way of life ro roll over become a dust of past dead civilizations. The vast majority of imported revolutionaries have brought tue Americans down to a minority. Mob rule is the master key used to whip dumbed-down Americans in line. Communism is plundering America. In 1917 American Optimist clubs began to spread to European nations. After 1917 Our American Optimist Clubs traveled across Western Europe in spreading ESPERADO as a future One World language. Today, our English language has about ten per cent Spanish. Esperado is a bastardised corruption of the Spanish language that was established 300 B.C. In LATIN each letter has a number that equals 666. A blind hog can see an acorn in the dark.


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