Yes, indeed, and the NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANIZATION was initiated in 1945, basically through the then President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill of England. The ultimate plan to rule the world, when these two political gangsters made a deal with Satan’s
war lords, took on credibility in 1941 off the coast of Canada. As of this moment, western christian civilization, as equated with basic freedoms, privilege and spiritual charity has lost a nation’s political liability through high treason; as NATO is geared to save the global wealth of which is now, and has been, a correlated nest of invisible swindlers operating through the federal Reserve and the Bank of England. In order for The United States Federal Reserve to stay a float
as an alliance with universal banking moguls, the Rothschild family must
have a third world war. The whole threat to the banking system within America is that the reserve is privately owned. This hi-bred NATO hirelings have met their match in that Vladimir Putin has taken a stand
and has thrown a wrench into the side of absolute finance to enslave the American republic. Christ perpetually dressed down His and all man kind’s enemy, as Satan’s gang ruled and gold was their god. In order to cover that our nation has been over thrown, political charlatans have
created a full-blown police state.


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