It is imperative that level-headed individuals should reform psychically

( 1 ) Bastards are mother nature’s gift rather than a sign of liberalism

( 2 ) Democratic infrastructure is mob brilliance vs blockhead rule

( 3 ) Marxian economics is genuine mental gymnastics for laboring poor

(4 ) Corporations functions ideally as marks of individual ingenuity

( 5 ) America is bound with a Constitution and is absolutely infallible

( 6 ) Congress represents the people and is under a sworn oath

( 7 ) Not all politicians steal, take a bribe, violate oath of office

( 8 ) All human nuts and bolts are significant and should count as a vote

( 9 ) America should be reformed as a basket-case for incipient socialism

( 10 ) Politicians make mistakes by theft but none of us are real honest

( 11 ) When a political gangster takes an on his mother’s grave he is honest

( 12 America is not being invaded because people want freedom

( 13 ) Bastards controlling our country were bastards art birth and remain as such. A leopard cannot change its spots; but this class of political dumpster
divers can be trusted in a public outhouse, while not wearing a muzzle.


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