Egyptian God
One nation, Originally the12 tribes of Israel. These people consisted of 600.000 that lived in Egypt for 400 years. One man was named Jacob. Jacob was re-named Israel by God. This is God’s chosen seed lineage, blood line.
Taken as a whole, one can say tribe, Abraham
had 4 wives that peopled the whole earth. Abraham was the father of all nations. It is proper to call them a tribe, for it is the same un-polluted blood line that Christ was born.
As stated, a tribe is one nation with the same blood lineage. Now, here is the catch. There were many gods within Egypt in those days. Egypt was a black country ruled by Pharoahs. These Pharoahs ruled under some manner of devine intervention, however they could not hold thre Melcheszedek Priesthood.
This is the same Priesthood that Christ held.
Not only was there an Isis but an Osiris also. These were man-made gods sat up the state in order to rule the people. Under Moses
Gods rule prevailed. In America we have hundreds of man-made churches, or religions,
Herein are mixrures of various nations, tribal affialiations, of mixed lineages. God’s chosen people are cross-breeding with various people from the eastern Europe. Here, in the Crimea and Russia we run across the Isis people combining a blood lineage composing a self-made tribe–one blood lineage, supposedly. But these people, as a whole, are composed of various nationalities with nlood lines crossing via mixing with our Lord’s chosen tribes.
Take America for instance. Our country
is composed of 50 states but, these entities have various lineages. Putting things togather, the tribe of ancient Israel, Jacob’s seed line by intermrriage, have fallen in line with God’s most hated people, the Idumeans.
The Idumeans have a corrupt blood line through Esau, Jacob’s brother, mixing his blood with the Canaanite nations, and he, Esau, being rejected by his tribal nation; the 12 tribes hated him and his polluted lineage.

Israel’s 12 tribes is one nation and tribe through a pure blood lineage back through Abraham and to Shem, Noah’s son. Isis is one of the hundreds of gods that came into existence several thousands of years past. Yes, Isis is a false tribal god, because blood pollution through people whom chose
the invisible Isis in order to fight and inspire the near and middle east nations, tribes, to hate western civilization.


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