In the future there will be a national reunion of retired liars, that had functioned in the field of Polygraphing. ” The lie Detectors ” In research, it has been discovered that this lowest elements of gutter existence have been driven out of Satan’s host of electronic parasites Jobs are hard to discover, and now this bunch are working as pimps for the CIA, SWAT, FEMA, various state ATFs. Many slum-masters or ghetto snipes or working in pawn shops. These sycophants, useless class of professional liars usually had worked hand-in-grove with corrupt lawyers, fraudulent bail bondsmen, court clerks. Good riddance to this class political of sycophants.fessional bums and parasites, have totally ruined innocent people, by their methods as pawns in the hands of organized crime, fronting for law. One of the three recognized to work with the Kennedy assassination, posed that variations arose when several questioned the the same victim. The Ouija Board is more of a probability than any poligrapher; an honest personality, revealed that it is one liar upon another, and is possibly much sounder than wiring anyone to a Frankenstein network of tangled wires loaded with electrodes. thinking process, in using wiring and electrodes to the hide of any citizen in America.It is assumed that their idle, Lucifer, will be the main speaker at this event. His fellow travelers will then glory in their ready-made muck and mire loaded upon many innocent people. Masochism abides with polygraphing.


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