Mud slappers flood America from the four corners of the earth. These peculiar people are born devils in the flesh. The late Dr. Sigmund Freud characterised such infidels as discontented subnormal personages laboring under an ingrained self-hatred of massive hysteria. Characteristically, this loose hoard of global underlings made up the Red Army, of which invaded eastern Germany during WW11. Yes, out of the swamps of Asia, Joseph Stalin of Red Russia, collected degenerated infidels to destroy western christian civilization. At that time, this wave of socially and politically orientated hoard of murderers were so-called revolutionaries composed the state of Communist philosophy. Bolshevism is based upon a massive tribal, of anti-social misgiving of correlated nomads, that seeks an international global unity geared to world domination. Most political idiotics refer to this mysterious sub-human of destructive renegades as One Worlders.


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