Yes, indeed, our public nationwide loves responsible and brave police officers, of whom serve well and are dedicated towards their duties as servants of the people. This is all good and well; however, commies in national government are making changes via internalizing an absolute ruling element, all forms of police brutality being enforced with clubs and beatings.

Apparently, people Across America are facing a growing dilemma of law enforcement, as to various personalities entering the new gendarme enforcement industry. Like any profession, lunatics and neurotics of psychic instability as bad apples, will appear. This is nothing new in national police work. It just so seems that when FEMA and SWAT opened their doors as gestapo simpletons, bullies began to wear badges–bastion of criminals.

Man’s brutality can be harnessed so much under civil laws. Yet, pinning a badge upon a psychoneurologicaly disturbed personality is questionable. Further, having disordered minds behind a cam to literally rip off the public is nothing but legalized banditry. When some work of mechanical technology snatches money from homo sapiens with a flick of a switch, then it will be more worthy to return to the cave-man era, and to club thy neighbor as usual, rather than railroading him with an unseen beam. Why not put cash registers in all road-side speed traps, police cars, and save the labor of switching on a cam.
Naturally, civil jobs in police activities are unproductive and do not create any wealth. This, of course, applies to city and county managers who turn their heads, in pulling money into their coffers, Public servants that fit into the subject in question, including SWAT and FEMA, should seek membership into the national IWW–i won’t work union, or join the military.
But below and behold, the pentagon and its troops create no wealth. Many FEMA and SWAT cannot join the military due to low IQs. It takes an average of 76 for uncle Sam’s bread line. Goon squads, as police lackeys, are great with cams and billy clubs.


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