I’m willing to bet that the county/city manager system has a toe hold throughout the state of Michigan. .Basically, this is the ultimate in political whoredom, that has infected America nationwide. We may find a few of these self-seeking scoundrels on the level, as scatterbrained stool pigeons. Basically, this growing menace is a set up by sharpies in the banking and commercial industries wherever a roost is well salted down. In estimation this setup is a master criminal conspiracy to further throttle a people’s attempt to be recognized, by political whoredom’s hold in a locality where citizens are tired of appointed deadbeats used as hit men in order to do the dirty work of scoundrels in the background, where local hooligans operate freely and the manager in office acts as a hit man,
More Than Likely, many states have fallen into the trap of a well-regulated nest of political gangsters coining the city/ state management political scheme, to literally rip off property owners via elevating taxation, disguised in various manners. These planted blood-suckers are tied in with the national industry of tourism. The gang of investors pulling the wires are professional hoodlums, being tied in with the commercial, banking and ghetto syndicates, to legally rob, steal, and plunder any and all local responsible citizens. This is a concealed third party political industry.


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