Shamefully, man-made religions are open to so-called inquiry, as these many self-serving
saving machines, so often front for a national empire of wealth being tied directly to the IRS.
Here the innocent worshiper is lulled into a network, where souls are to be saved, as these flocks
of believers put forth money, and guaranteed a future in the hear in after, which is just as
solid as the Rock of Gibraltar sits. A spiritual being [ DEMOM ] described as the Serpent, has
its coils over the globe. Its final resting place is right here in the midst of America. The tool of
this [ LUCIFER ] is to play to play the race card and to fermate racial disparity.

Do doubt about it, Racial misunderstandings is getting the best of, and all people, of whom have
been deceived by man-made religious functionaries from the ground up. America is a combination
of many individuals of multiple cultures. Imposters of eastern Europe. Floods of Asiatics formerly
sat up a system of a one-class imperialism, This took years before Russia was a state. This tribe
of people were formerly known as [ Mongols ],or Khazars, before the Russian state originated.

Without a question. this tribe aided in the Russian Revolution of nineteen seventeen. Being unhampered by western European countries, After several hundred years their secretive societies and subversive customs formed confederations between each state with political whores for hire.
Eventually, through their wealth being allied to all man-made religions of state being tied to each religious, that had previously prevailed nationally. Finally, through their globalized wealth and influence through control of America’s legal industry, especially the Supreme Court of The Disunited States of Amerika . The weapon of these Khazars is the infected National Bar Association.
This bar association actually appoints all Presidents. This final straw in breaking the back of Old Glory under the Bolsheviki sat up known as the United Nations Organization, with its tie in with
League of Nations. Two political tools in supporting the Khazar movement was the late Woodrow Wilson and Harry Solomon Truman. The very evil , collectively, within America is class antagonism
through racial motivation coming from Red cells spread through out our fifty states. The pro commies in legal and educational facilities have taken the bait-liberalism today, mental and physical slavery tomorrow.

For those of whom are to be ensnared by the poppy-LOT of a metaphysical bipolarism of two
pseudo and corrupt political parties is latching onto a lie. There is no in between. These political
gangsters are in control in being aided through ministers in pulpits across America. If the truth was to be known, in all, thousands have come to America, as professional revolutionaries. Our nations, collectively, are being hunkered down through race baiting. This is a pro Marxist format under
the banner of universal communism.

Forthright. it will be wise for those to search their ancestry back to Noah. This man had three sons,
Ham, Japhet, and Shem. All mankind are descendants of this Divine ingenuity. Racial hatred is
a weapon of Satan, and is intended to enslave all mankind spiritually that dwell under the doctrine
of the Constitution. Apostle Paul said: Beware of the workers of iniquity, and those of wolves sheep in clothing; for they are devils in the flesh. [ DEMONS ].


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