The most outstanding and informed intellectuals within America are actually hog-tied, as to the suppression of free speech. This is the greatest crime against being perpetuated against our grand old republic. When and where will our nation recover from political gangsterism, that has complete control over both houses of congress. Our nation has been ambushed from within. It is only a matter of time, before innocent patriots will be rounded up and hauled off to ready-made army camps, to hold anti-communist officials via being rounded up by FEMA and SWAT gestapo squads, as trained agents, in servitude, as allied with the alien revolutionary forces now holding our national government at bay, as this post pro-political proletarian constructed machine of alien terrorism, has a stranglehold on the throat of a once free republic.

Correspondingly, the gang in national office, the state Dept., Pentagon, FBI, attorney general, federal reserve, treasury Dept. Council on Foreign Nations, supreme court, IRS, national news media, National Educational Educational Association, Department of Justice, presidential advisors, and collectively, all universities of elevated education, and various fifty-state governments, are loaded with self and national nihilism, in falling in line, as being guilty in betraying this once designated United States. Actually, and collectively, we have the lap-dog manifestation of ambitious sycophants, of whom kneel-down as boot-lickers, in disregarding any honorable respect towards constituents, of whom were tricked by dirty bastards that fail to protect and guard the people’s rights as loyal citizens.

Absolutely, our republic hangs by a thread. The global land-grabbers, elite invisible ruling machine, is using NATO in illegally invading alien helpless nations. As a team, the United Nations unifies America’s doom, in affiliation with armed force. This is to spread pseudo-democracy, of which now is a dictatorship holding America into political bondage. Both Bush administrations persued this course.


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