Congress should hold a liar’s reunion every year on the White House lawn. This is where Satan gathers teams of professional political whores, in order to keep this gang in collusion to plan robbery, plunder, murder, and a standard road to hell with their fellow travelers.
This country, America, nation, was not sat up as a christian nation, but by men as proponents of Christianity. However, various people follow our God’s rulings in various manners and fashions. Yes, Jewish influence was at the helm of leadership through the Rothschild banking industry. This monetary influence was tied directly to the Bank of England. An example of Jewish influence was through a Mr. Cohen, who lost one million dollars in backing George Washington.
America was not sat up as a christian nation. In fact, the movement was of a revolutionary decree against mother England. Today, our country is an appendage and dependent of the British empire. Look at the Crimean affair, Soviet Russia has ties to this Ukrainian impediment as a state appendage.
We could talk for ever as to the awaiting fate of our republic and not realize the secluded Marxian orientated rebellion against the reverse of absolute capitalism into the hands of loan-sharking interest.Karl Marx was an economist and hated his Jewish background. He claimed that Jewish money lovers practiced self-hatred. This opinion has been around since the days of Christ. However, our republic has fallen down into the hands of universal monetary financial racketeers backing a future One World government.
Astounding, but true, every president from Teddy Roosevelt until the present administration has supported international religious rustlers working along with the Rothschild banking industry and its worldwide network as ruled by a satanic objection to any and all christian values that any any nation welcomed the influence of Jesus Christ.


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