America is being ambushed via a one-man dictatorship with contrary power, authority, over the Supreme Court. Allied with this infernal corrupt politically intoxicated set-up is presidential excutive authority. An ace in the two-party political gangsterism’s shadow government cliche in guranteed by Artcle 6, Sec. 6 of the constitution on treaties.
Peradventure, with only several years existent, storm troopers will be policiing the streets throughout our national nation. The psycology of mob control is armed force and perfected brutality. The proof of this already exists. The Waco affair was a grave warning as SWAT teams, FEMA, state police and professional sharp shooters made war on innocent men, women and children. This our nation’s first military geared holocaust as instituted through Janet Reno. Attorney
General working hand-in-hand with the Clinton administration.
Beforehand, three major departments of political confederation
violated Texas state and federal constitutional mandated laws as set forth under civil governice. The crime at Waco was one of the gravest criminal acts ever activated against a religious an innocent people and their God of choice. This crime originated through a pseudo religious functionary ruling congress.
In regrouping the state/religion connection is manifested via thought control being diverted the field of sports, alien wars, and the ever enlarging national tourist industry. Through this maze of planned sociological psychological warfare the public is subtly geared into accepting an ever incipient police state.
Countermanding this uncontrolling Golan Monster out of eastern Europe and Asia is useless, because both iles of congress
has come down with elephantisis. In bibical lore Samson brought down the godless philistines with arows and stones. Goliath received one stone to the head. Napoleon took the world. Yet, three statuated violated federal agences illegally makes war illegally upon two hundred fifty million citizens in the name of a shadowed and invisible alien religious movement hovering in the heme sphere as wire-pulled by the Rothschild monetary influence with its geared trek towards a One World rule as a blood lineage back to ancient Esau, the Red, who God hates, and his contemporaries whom perpetually intend to drag America into an international confederated state to be ruled by a satanically inspired race of professional criminals on a war on our
creator. America is at a pivital point at this moment !



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