Absolutely, this pseudo democracy has been perpetually enlarged since the era of the late president Woodrow Wilson. The present administration is a dyed-in-the-wool, upgraded political organ, in committing acts against innocent, tax-paying patriots, being gerrymandered into fifty states, through an ever enlargement of scoundrels, in concealing their global railroading, glorying in a universal Satanic scheme, in order to drag western christianity into a hell on earth. Circumventing the state/religion matrix is crystal clear, for fools of whom live a daily life as communist mental cripples. Communal unity is pure and holy but, Marxian socialism is anti-sociological criminalised, sub-human despondency, degenerating in a vegetable state of national nihilism. The gang in national office, as grouped, squeal like pigs, when patriots pulls these hoods under the scope.
The yesteryears of past presidents when being sworn in were compelled to lay their left-hand on the Old Testament-a specific scripture of a familia prophet. With the right hand raised, an oath is taken to protect one pool of eastern Europe’s most outrageous anti-social ruffians of which were formerly ran out of Asia. This same gang overthrew christian Russia in nineteen seventeen. Believe it or not, the late president Franklin D. Roosevelt gleefully took his oath, yes, indeed, in 1933 this certified criminal recognized the communist state of Red Russia. In that day, the gradual decline of this American republic declined into the dreadful police state in the hands of corporate network asian countries of which all hallow the ancient Esau-our Lord’s deadliest enemy.
Definitely, the spiritual dynamics of Oriental fundamentalism’s network has encased themselves within the halls of congress. Money is obviously the god of a liberalized America, The above average in-office political prostitute is a mental pervert and will roll-over into a whip when ever is bribed to commit treason against our republic. Truman and Eisenhower betrayed America. INDEED !


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