Storm trooping, battle-ready paratroopers, rifle butting school children in Little Rock, Ark, forced marching young girls to school with Pointed bayonets rammed into school book bags. It then gets tougher against elderly men, of whom speak out and troopers actually rifle-butting innocent citizens. The commie run Supreme court brought on this malfeasance of illegality through the dirty bastard Ike Eisenhower, a political knucklehead of Marxian gullibilityness as a political sycophant.

And the Ferguson situation pops up . Here, kid-gloves come into play. America is being ambushed via a one-man dictatorship with contrary power, authority, over the Supreme Court. Allied with this infernal corrupt politically intoxicated set-up is presidential executive authority. An ace in the two-party political gangsterism shadow government cliche in guaranteed by Article 6, Sec. 6 of the constitution on treaties. Under this article the U.S. attorney comes into play. was the national attorney general that sent bayonets into the backs of school children. This was another dirty bastard.

Peradventure, with only several years existent, storm troopers will be policing the streets throughout our national nation. The psychology of mob control is armed force and perfected brutality. Yet, law abiding citizens in Ferguson had no protection.The proof of this already exists. The Waco affair was a grave warning as SWAT teams, FEMA, state police and professional sharpshooters made war on innocent men, women and children. This our nation’s first military geared holocaust as instituted through Janet Reno, another dirty heifer, and of course an attorney general. Ferguson has not been officially tabulated yet as to commie influenced.



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