Christ said, “ I know my sheep and my sheep know me, and no one can pluck them from my hands, for my father in heaven hath giventh them unto me.”

Since the day of Jacob and Esau a struggle of the Asian world, near and far eastern countries, these two tribal nations have struggled for a particular God in tying their existence to their father Abraham. This mankind’s major problem.

Jacob is Israel and Esau extinguished his tribal bloodline via marrying into strange flesh known as Canaanite. Christ’s lineage is back to Abraham and unpolluted. After the Great Deluge, flood, Noah and his family settled down for several hundred years. All the people were not drowned in the flood. The Canaanite lineage survived. Jacob’s blood lineage is Israel. These people have no descendant nor connection with an Israel established in 1948. In fact, a pro-Zionist global faction established this are as a sounding, or staging area. for a future global commercial expansion in using world Jewry as a front. The Jewish and Zionist apparently have problems.

During His ministry a Pharisee boasted to Christ that he, the Pharisee, was of Abraham’s blood lineage. Christ rebuked this seed-lineage that had formerly evolved from intermarrying into the nation of Esau. Christ explained to this character that he was not the seed of Abraham, and that his father was the devil. Christ added, the Pharisee lineage had killed all the prophets down through the ages. The obviously point to be socially cultivated here is that multitudes of various nations residing within America have lost their identity, while living under a regime bedded down with a pseudo-democracy lost their identity.

America is one nation consisting of multi-nations. Each individual loses self-identity. From day on wards individuals slowly loses an everyday battle to function with a survival mode in cultivating a mob instinct, The fifty United States consists of fifty mobs sectioned off by state boundaries. The military industry, navy, army, marines etc;, are merely organized mobs. In order to nullify this assertion take a look at the hundreds of mobs crawling from state to state in asserting their so-called rights. Have they gained anything? No. Only damned fools runs up and down streets shouting for rights, These back-alley sewer-runners are worthless as productive citizens. Most of these mud-paddlers have been trained in global communist revolutionary percepts that as a looser-class of social-outcasts they are humanities waste products and a disease wherever they settle. In past decades several federal agencies has allowed such criminals to move into America as professional communist revolutionaries. The problem is that this global swarm of sewer-dwellers drag their gods along with them. e do not have a separate church and state system of federal rule, Our republic has been overthrown. Taking in consideration that we have a mobocracy orientated congress in hock to to whom ever bought them them into office we discover a pseudo-religious operation pulling America into a syndicated nest of devils in the flesh likening to the rebuttal that Christ laid upon a Pharisee.

We cannot fool mother nature. Ninety-percent of Americans are mongrelised including this penman. This is traced back to ancient Esau of whom God actually hates, This bloodline absolutely swallows up our national constituency of voters. Ninety percent of immigrants from South America ate Catholics. Asiatics bring in oriental fundamentalism. Protestantism is about ten percent. True Israel through Jacob has nothing to do such expansions across Americans involved with disrupting and trying to destabilize the very foundations of our one great republic. The sociopsychological individual subconsciously nurtures self-hatred with accepted nihilism. The American national citizenry, collectively suffer from the Personality Suppression Complex Syndrome. Thia ia a mentally devised state of mind of zombies.


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