The threshing floor of national filth and entertainment comes from the bowels of an alien nomadic tribe of muddle-minded sexually-orientated sub-human gutter dialects, coming out of Eastern Europe, to eventually
buying up Hollywood beginning in the early nineteen twenties. Here the first toilet-bowel intellects began to spread class guttural instincts geared to fathering into an unsuspected nation’s, movie-goers, their ancient worship of phallus orientated, mentally disturbed minds, massively hobbled-down at the beginning of birth and educated into some homemade intellectual feces. Definitely given birth as children of darkness.
Such low-grade world-wanderers practiced penis worship in ancient Sumeria, when Abraham was warned of these dirty-bastards, and left for a city called Haran. Innocent Americans cannot avoid crotch grabbers, for their trickery is unmatched.
Ancient historicity on pornagraphy demonstates that such sub-human deviations was a chief antisocial weapon used against unsuspecting progressive civilizations. Proof of this is television and the national news industry. Millions of fools are being sucked into viewing obscene submissions as an eloquent opportunity to test character consciousness as to whether crossing the line of susceptibility can be retarded. Individual psychosexual weakness will prevail, for sublimation places its mark on weak-minded personalities. And then Satan can be blamed as perversion takes over.
President Putin of Russia has rounded up all professional porn industries. No doubt, this filthy gang will show up in New York City. The Waldorf Astoria will be their sleep-over.
Politics is schematic in America, as our two-party system is a wild-card, for international financial syndicated scoundrels controlled by an ancient people known as Edomites. Another word is Idumeans. This is a bloodline source of royal criminals that has hounded the semitic nations since the day that Moses dwelt at mount Sinai. America is under the control of Bolshevism. Yes, political rule within America strains back Mount Sinai. Both parties are infested with criminals in the service of Satan’s agents.
No doubt about it, we have a religious empire within America. The three main ecclesiastical installations are man-made and sat up by Satan and his pool of devils. This does not apply to followers–only to corrupt clergymen. We have Catholicism, Protestantism, and Judaism. God has one gospel kingdom on this earth, not these three. All three feed from the US treasury. In essence, collectively, all influence congress. Congress has been bastardized through multiple nations. When we see billions of taxpayers money going afloat to alien and enemy countries, then we know that America has fallen into alien religious philosophies. Just follow the money trail to know your enemy. America has made its own enemy and has been overthrown. The nation of original Shem, God’s chosen , are now reaping what has been sown, crime, corruption, poverty and disease. God has turned his back on America !


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