Satan was compelled to find a way into the souls of earthly beings. He had to seek a manner that would include Homo Sapiens collectively. In the Garden of Eden the master-key was discovered, when this fallen angel had previously been expelled from the presence of God learned about the forbidden tree of knowledge. Eve had taken of this tree, likewise inviting Adam to do so. Readily, this father of all lies and deceptions, Beezlebub, learned the mystery as to the birth all mankind. The beginning was through the intermittentcy of man and woman. Lucifer discovered his weapon that would used against every breathing soul. The weakness and temptation of nature was of a Satanic scheme to destroy the souls of mankind.

In the beginning, one-third of Satan and his devilish followers were cast forth from the presence of our creator. This was because lucifer rebelled against an option that the earth should be filled with free mankind to be responsible for their own thoughts and actions. Jesus approached God in an agreement that his earthly existence would teach that man should cultivate a free-agency earthly existence and given a choice to to do so. In other words, all mankind after death would appear before the judgement seat of God for sinful acts committed during an earthly existence.

Before Satan and his gang entered an earthly atmosphere God brought a spiritual foreclosure on this gang in denying them a body. Thus hell-bound spirits lurk around the most devout God fearing souls, in order to tempt innocent followers into an invisible world of infernal hell in an alliance with liers.

God’s people are inherited with a pro-creative imperative nature to ever fill the earth with mankind, in dedicating Abraham as the father of all nations. However, Lucifer has no control over mother nature. Satan is allowed to tempt God’s children with his unseen family of devils. This spiritual war has existed since Adam and Eve walked the Garden of Eden. In fact, this all historicity of love vs hate hovers over America today. Political syphilis is at the heart of sycophants in national government, of whom cuddles up phallic intrusion as merely a byproduct of various political reactionaries, for better governmental and its broadening liberal stance towards subversion by perversion. The headstone for such accusation was Al Gore giving Hillary Clinton a well-deserved tongue job via televised nationwide. A previous runner-up to this would be Bill Clinton’s pleasurable incident within the oval office. Phallus worship is the very seat and fore-running of such actions with public officials.

Absolutely, President Vladimir Putin of Russia has beaten Christian America to the punch. He has declared Russia as an orthodox nation and has declared a national holiday in recognition of Jesus Christ, Also the porn industry was shut down and smut literature burned. As far as the rich children of the devil all were banned from any governmental job. This included civil jobs in all Russian states, The Rothschild bankers were shut down and officials jailed, This news is kept under cover by our communist run news industry within America. And the answer is obvious; The religious empire and Wall Street worship their own gods. There is a reason for the cross being rejected by three major religious functionaries. The conclusion is that many Christians recognize a sort of perverted intellectual comprehension as to the part that phallus worship plays when the idolatry of sexual perversion when sadomasochism was in the living nature of the devils and their ties with the Sanhedrin in nailing Christ to a tree. Our supreme court is an example of Satanic infiltration as based upon masochism of all degrees when oppressing a once free republic.

Our national civil industry survives not by vote but by fear of public and private intimidation as to mentioning that phallus worshipers running the show from the halls of congress, state department, federal reserve, NATO united nations, treasury Dept. and the Council on Foreign Relations. Things have not changed only to the obvious that our republic has been overthrown. The real springboard began within the Roosevelt administration. The president has his lovers hanging around his oval office while his wife had hers. Until we break the church/state serpent grip, as feeding from the taxpayer’s role in national government via parasitic clergymen, and illicit investors, with pseudo-religious whoredom, an all forgiving God will bring down divine justice on a nation that now follows in the steps of an ancient Babylonian brought down through the idolatry sexual perversion in the name of Phallus worship. The Washington monument is an exact of the phallic


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