Phallus worship is Satan’s chief weapon against total morality of western civilization. When Adam and Eve had their eyes opened via taking of the tree of knowledge, Satan then stepped forward with his plan, for the struggle against God’s chosen children. If this recognition is only a small part of the demon seed, then what makes you wonder so much about it. This in itself, causes you to ridicule another, for your subconscious harbors repressions, fixation, as the theme of sexual perversity preys so subtly, as entertainment through out our nation, as intertwined with our every-day life, in the name of
freedom of speech. Yes, phallus worship is a deadly menace being ingrained into the soul of every child in America. For you, a good start would to look at the Washington Monument. Satan’s work is in the fore thought of perversion,as one gases at this work of Satan.


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