The biggest threat to Serbia, as to now, and in the past, is the US state department, the International Monetary Fund, the Council on Foreign Relations, the federal reserve, the United Nations Organization, NATO and the World bank. Thank God, Vladimir Putin of Russia has thrown a wrench into America’s move into internationalism via making a move into the Crimea. Putin stands like a brick wall. Russian bombers are now flying off the west coast of California. This is within a fifty mile distance from land. These bombers are in international waters. America is absolutely out of control, as counterfeit dollars, fiat money, has seen its day. Since we face a complete collapse, as part of a global depression. NATO is in the hands of pro-Bolshevik gangsters. The pentagon cannot take Russia on the ground. Both sides have nuclear weapons, and fear a head-on collision. The federal reserve will finally close down just as the sixty reserves around the world. China, Germany, Iran, Albania, and several other nations are leaving the gold standard, in fighting the loose fiat moneys. Our total collapse will take place within several months. Our Zionist controlled bastards in congress are preparing for a civil war and have their escape routes planned in advance. The very root and cause of the Putin intrusion into the Crimea was to advert WW111.The rotten bastard, Netanyahu, president of israel, was behind a scheme to start a WW. Lets see what this rat comes up with as Iran and Syria eyeballs this snake’s thinking.


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