I’m not particularly interested in any bastards that hold other nations in subjection. In this world we have a class of people who are known as parasitic criminals.
Correct, the same dirty bastards holding our American nation in an iron grip are criminally- minded investors that control The Federal Reserve and any other institution that walk the line of corruption with them. In other words, America is a haven for alien-slum masters in cahoots with a national landlord mafia controlling the illicit housing renting industry, and looting the drowning middle class, while holding hard-working people in line through starvation with the minimum wage system. Citizens on both sides are doomed to land renting slavery.
This country is controlled by lawyers and collectivized clergymen through man-made religions, as eighty-five percent of citizens are absolutely propertyless. massive land holders as allied with corrupt political rustlers back up religious upstarts, and slum mastering is ruining upper classes when scumbags leach from the treasury Dept. America is a collectivized people of various nations, being brainwashed into a universal net of discontent towards specific alien nations, that are helpless, as drones fly overhead and stinger rockets drain down on helpless women and children. All-in-all, the basis is land ownership and drones, for serfs of the globe.
The Asiatic nations do not want pseudo democracy, as now practiced within America. Pseudo rule is a religious/property scheme operating through an ancient people of subtle intentions, Idumeans. As of now, they are known as Edomites. Another identity for them, reds, or pro-Jacobins–Red Russia. Look at the name Uncle Sam. Where does anyone know of its origin? Right under our noses is a subtle pseudo religious operation of global proportions. of dog-eat dog. Take a gander at Bill Clinton and Janet Reno. Here a United States Attorney General and a President makes war in Waco and burn 29 children alive– much more dozens of men and women died in this inferno. Momentarily we use no drones or stingers in God’s so-called America, when one illicit movement order combines with another massive religious empire, spiritual whoredom, of twisted intellects respond with political influence via FEMA and SWAT teams with tanks, gun powder, and flame throwers, to do the dirty job.
Pseudo democracy is a joke, when used as a weapon of political charity, as a manner of distributing charity with the west’s method of freedom, that is in the hands of low-life investing scumbags, now controlling the nation’s corralled renting investment industry illicit gambling and stock-exchange gyrations.
Obviously, Toe-dancing around any subject that has metal brings forth the coward. this Intent is the result of liberalism’s melt-down ducation. Even a blind hog can find an acorn in the dark. Can’t you readers comprehend that America has been overthrown. Cannot you people realize that freedom is now a by-word in the hands of professional criminals holding our country in complete mental slavery and physical bondage.
Naturally, mankind are all God’s creation and children. Looking behind the scenes of national government there is a race of devils in the political saddle. Were they put into office through the trick of voting. Hell no! Ignorant citizens are duped on this matter of mobs putting some scoundrel into the presidency, for each state has an electoral college. These colleges are held together by bankers, slum masters, and commercial industries. Yes, they plant stool-pigeons in order to rob, loot, and plunder from the working people all of their produce:Basically, all wealth comes from the farmers of whom work their fields that feeds our national society.
Our pseudo Republic has been guilted into allying with pseudo Democracy. And now we have a state department being imbedded with Reds with hand-picked ambassadors that would marry the devil for a visa at large in Europe, in passing out torts to global-minded political sharks, of whom support universal socialism. The proper word is to be Internationalism.
Thomas paine wrote ” The rights of Man .’ This almost caused him to be beheaded in France. Sorry to say, we have a race of cowards within America seated within the highest echelons of national government. These sycophants have an investment with Satan himself to betray this country.
Actually, dirt under the feet of decent people of all races of whom do not not comprehend Satan’s seed line. These are the ancient Edomites, of whom have made war on all nations since King David ruled and God forewarned David of this menace. Yes, this contemporary anti-social element is making war on Third World nations that fear imported pseudo democracy that will be shoved down their throats through collectivized tax supported religions (USA ), or hell-fire through drones and stingers. God help these poor souls. We know that angels weep as innocent mankind are slaughtered in the interest of money-hungry land-investors, that have no conscious– nor possibly no soul !


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    That gang in the District of Columbia in an alliance with the City of London, is slowly disisapating in its muck and mire on Eroupean shores, as a dominant factor of social engineering. One ace in the hole was the lost of Greece, as a political geo dependant, dominated by the Wests move towards imperialism.
    Oue state department, under John Kerry. is a delusional plant, when we see Germany move in, bailing Greece from debt. Evangela Mirkel, Presidnt, and her liberal gang in office, with drewinto a set back.Germany now has 29 nations in Europe as allies. This country has the military, social, determination to find her place in the sun. All they need is a leader. Every since 1945 this defeated nation has been influenced, being occupied by a Federal Republic under NATO. This turn of events saved Germany from becoming a pastorial state, as previously demanded by Harry Dexter White and Henry Morganthau of the treasury Dept. One was a spy for Russia, the other a tool of universal Zionism. The blood of Esau thrived.
    Germany now has 29 nations in Europe as allies. This country has the military, economic and social, determination to find her place in the sun. All they need is a leader. Every since 1945 this defeated nation has been influenced, as occupied by a Federal Republic under NATO. The United Nations Organization is a combined global force in the hands of contemporary descendants of ancient Esau. In other words, an organization of a global banking industry.
    Out of no where we have a man seeking office as President. This peace-loving, patriotic indiviual openly warns America and its 50 states being invaded by criminals across the globe. Most of this invading force are Marxian proletarian revolutionties carrying the blood line of Esau in their veins. Their aim is to spread their criminality towards established civilizations of the our Weatern hemisphere. Their leaders are seated in high seats of national government as secret operative cells. All 50 states have been seeded with these imported criminals. In fact, their control of both political parties is a done deal. America is in the hands of of a master criminal complex opposed to a capitalists state. Marxism is the basic inspiration, as parasitism is the maggot and cancer of international Bolshevism. Bolshevism is a mental desease traced back to Esau as the enemy of God.
    As a well-bred individual in the run for national office stands tall and warns this nation of its decline into political barbarism enemies within attack. We have the worlds top drug-pusher –out of jail, threatening to harm an well known productive individual. The crime of it all is that the bought and paid for national printing media are combined in order to through this lone individual to the political dogs of whom love ancient Esau’s ways and rather serve serve Lucifer and his gang of devils in the flesh.
    let’s face it. This is a religious war between good and evil. No woman or child is safe from perverts. No school student is safe as to the accetable intellectual perversion of transformed education comes from Marxian inspired publishing industries. America has gone to hell in a hand-basket’’’mental and sexual deviation is the capstone of national rule. A man of Jacobian ancestry stands tall and wants America to be ressurected from the hell of incipient socialism. Our people need to stand tall and run these low-down bastards and commie-fed bitches out of office. If we do not, them our dead will curse us from their graves.

    Yesterday 4:44 AM

    +Bertharina Rina When I consider the varied beliefs of the Millennialists of the U.S.A. I find it almost unbelievable that there could be such a confusing array of unbiblical doctrines. How could the churches descended to this – filling the minds of youth in particular with heresies. A major one concerns Esau, Edomites and now due to the writings of Benjamin Freedman perhaps, that they are Khazars. On reading the work of some scholars and archaeologists there does not seem to be any real scholarship to back up such beliefs. One is somewhat beholden to Benjamin Freedman but even a Jew who converted to Roman Catholicism is rather suspect as a source of true doctrine from the Bible. Roman Catholicism is far from being noted for its love of and adherence to the Word of God. Rather the reverse is the case. A view of the book of Obadiah that many assume will occur during the millennium, reveals that at the end it is evident the kingdom that iss the Lord’s will prevail. That kingdom prevails today beause it is the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ. He clearly statsed to Pilate that His kingdom was not of this world. It is an everlasting kingdom. He already is Kiing. The kingdom is the Lord’s now. Believers in Him are born into the kingdom of God or the kingdom of heaven. It is a spiritual birth that has nothing to do with anything of this world. We are in the kingdom already. Being heavenly, it will never exist on this earth. For a hundred years after Peter preached the first gospel message after the inauguration or birth of the new nation of Israel, the new people of God, the New Testament temple, belief in a millennium was generally non-existent. Those millions who love the usual millennialists’ multiple doctrines that most probably barely know, are being deceived. They are following a Jewish myth that was in vogue at the time of Christ. Even the disciples favored it until His last words were spoken in Acts 1. The experience of Pentecost was the end of the vain Jewish beliefs for them. They were now led into all truth by the Holy Spirit and no longer followed the heresies of the Rabbis (Pharisees). This idea kof Esau/Edom controlling America and the rest of that particular doctrine, is totally unscriptural. America is nowhere mentioned or hinted at in the Scriptures. The ‘We are under God’, the ultra importance attached to this nation, has blinded many eyes. The British were like that once. Now we are no longer the power we once were. It turns out we were not ‘The Lion’ of the Scriptures or that as we thought, the U.S.A. was ‘the Little Lion’. That should shock many! The Brits are wrong even in their ideas of British Israel or that the Queen’s lineage goes way back to King David. Blood-lines no longer count with our God. There are now two lines of people -the saved and the unsaved, the saints and the sinners, the followers of Christ and the followers of the Anti-Christs all around us.
    Other British-Israelites, who are usually part of the Christian Identity movement which believes Jesus only died for white people, believe the Jews are not descendants of Jacob, but Edomites, descendants of his brother Esau. Hereunder is a copy of someone else’s writing but I fully support it, having researched the whole matter some time ago. The Jews of Israel are Khazars. The Khazars are not of Edom or Esau. They are a Turko-Mongol race that never came out of the Promised Land that Joshua invaded and captured.
    Some reasons for the unscriptural beliefs re Esau/Ejdom/Khazars/Jews are set out: ‘Around 120 BC John Hyrcanus, the Jewish high priest forced the Edomites to convert to Judaism. The Jewish historian Josephus writes, “Hyrcanus took also Dora and Marissa, cities of Idumea, and subdued all the Idumeans; and permitted them to stay in that country if they would circumcise their genitals, and make use of the laws of the Jews; and they were so desirous of living in the country of their forefathers, that they submitted to the use of circumcision, and the rest of the Jewish ways of living; at which time therefore this befell them, that they were hereafter no other than Jews.” (Josephus, The Antiquities of the Jews, 13:9:1)
    Anyone, familiar with Jewish history, would find it baffling that they would conclude from this that the Jews are Edomites. By the time of the second century BC, as well as in the land of Israel, Jews had migrated to Alexandria, Antioch, Asia Minor, Greece and Rome, and arguably the majority of the Jews still lived in Mesopotamia and had never returned from the Babylonian exile. These were “real” Jews, descendants of Jacob/Israel. They did not all disappear when the small nation of Edom/Idumea converted to Judaism.Josephus did not believe all the Jews were Edomites. His biggest work The Antiquities of the Jews was a history of the Jews and it did not begin with the conversion of the Edomites. He covered the same ground as the Old Testament and said the Jews were descendants of Jacob. Josephus wrote that because Herod the Great was an Idumean/Edomite, he was a “half-Jew” (The Antiquities of the Jews, 14:5:2). This suggests that the Jews, descendants of Jacob, did not regard the Edomites as equal or fellow Jews in spite of their conversion to Judaism.
    In his other major work The Jewish War Josephus described how the Idumeans or Edomites joined with the Jews in the revolt against Rome. An army of 20,000 Edomites went to the aid of Jerusalem, but at first, they would not let them in. When they did enter, they sided with the Zealots and killed several thousand inhabitants of Jerusalem (Josephus, The Jewish War, 4:3-25). During the revolt against Rome some Jewish factions were more concerned with fighting each other than the Romans.
    Josephus did not say the conflict in Jerusalem was Edomites killing Edomites as Christian Identity proponents would presumably believe. In spite of their conversion to Judaism 200 years earlier Josephus still believed the Jews and Edomites were separate groups and he thought the Edomites were “a most barbarous and bloody nation.” (Josephus, The Jewish War, 4:5:1) Nevertheless, Christian Identity proponents believe the word “Jew” means “Edomite” and the Jews, who interacted with Jesus in the Gospels, were really Edomites, rather than the descendants of Jacob, the subject of the Old Testament. Christian Identity proponents claim they are Christians, yet they do not see the Bible as their source of truth and authority. (The fact that the Christian Identity movement is full of racists and criminals also casts doubts on the genuineness of their Christianity.) The way they carry on about the Jews supposedly being Edomites, you would think it is as important as Jesus dying for our sins (if we are white). The Bible does not say Jews are Edomites. The New Testament does not even tell us that Herod the Great was an Edomite, which we know from Josephus.
    When the Samaritan woman called Jesus a Jew (John 4:9), he did not correct her and say, “I’m not an Edomite.” Jesus went on to say that “salvation is of the Jews” (John 4:22). I don’t think he meant “salvation is of the Edomites”. At Pentecost there were “Jews, devout men , from every nation under heaven” in Jerusalem (Acts 2:5), including “Parthians and Medes and Elamites, those dwelling in Mesopotamia, Judea and Cappadocia, Pontus and Asia, Phrygia and Pamphylia, Egypt and the parts of Libya adjoining Cyrene, visitors from Rome, both Jews and proselytes, Cretans and Arabs” (Acts 2:9-11). Edom does not get a mention. Peter called them both “Men of Judea” (Acts 2:14) and “Men of Israel” (Acts 2:22). In Romans Paul writes, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek” (Romans 1:16). Again, I don’t think he meant the gospel was first for the Edomites, rather than the descendants of Israel to whom the old covenant had been given. In Galatians Paul referred to both himself and Peter as Jews (Galatians 2:14-15).
    I have heard some Christian Identity proponents cite John 8 as proof the Jews are Edomites. Jesus was debating the Pharisees (John 8:13) and said, “And you shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” The Pharisees replied, “We are Abraham’s descendants, and have never been in bondage to anyone.” (John 8:32-33) Their reasoning is that the Israelites were slaves in Egypt, but the Edomites were not slaves but they were still descendants of Abraham through Esau, so the Jews knew they were Edomites. However, the Edomites had been in bondage to King David, “He also garrisons in Edom, throughout all Edom he put garrisons, and all the Edomites became David’s servants” (2 Samuel 8:14, see also 1 Chronicles 18:13). “Ebed”, Hebrew for “servant” can also be translated as “slave”. In John 7 the Pharisees and chief priests say that “no prophet has arisen out of Galilee” (John 7:52). In fact, about half a dozen Old Testament prophets came from the Galilee region. Jesus went on to tell the Pharisees their father was “the devil and the father of lies” (John 8:44). If Jesus says their father is “the devil and the father of lies”, it is not very wise to believe what they say. Jesus was clealry talking about spiritual freedom, how the truth sets us free from the bondage of false ideas. Twice in Revelation Jesus warns the churches about the “synagogue of Satan” who “say they are Jews and are not” (Revelation 2:9, 3:9). Christian Identity proponents take this as referring to all Jews and it means they are Edomites. This is flawed reasoning. There cannot be false Jews unless there are also real Jews. Those false Jews in Asia Minor, who “say they are Jews and are not”, were more likely Gnostics, rather than Edomites. Elsewhere, there must have real Jews, descendants of Jacob. Many Christian Identity proponents quote the Jewish Encyclopedia of 1906 or 1925 as saying “Edom is modern Jewry” or “Edom is in modern Jewry”. It is even supposed to be Volume 5, page 41 of the 1925 edition. However, the 1906 edition is online. Its entry on Edom can be found here and it does not say “Edom is modern Jewry” or “Edom is in modern Jewry”.
    Likewise, on the The Christogenea Christian Identity Forum one contributor said he bought the 1925 edition and could not find the quote. It looks like some Christian Identity supporter made up the quote and others have been repeating it without bothering to check if it is authentic.
    The Christian Identity movement believes the Old Testament conflict between Jacob and Esau is still going on today. The white nations are the Israelites, the descendants of Jacob, while the Jews are really Edomites, the descendants of Esau. They believe they are being oppressed by an international Jewish conspiracy. However, if they are Israel and the Jews are Edomites, their hatred of the Jews disobeys God’s command to Israel, “You shall not abhor an Edomite, for he is your brother.” (Deuteronomy 23:7)
    In Who is Esau-Edom? Charles Weisman writes that the Old Testament prophecies about judgement upon Edom (Obadiah, Ezekiel 25) mean that God will use the white race to destroy the Jews,
    “It is Jacob [the white nations] that God will se to destroy and kill Esau-Edom [the JEws]. In Obadiah’s prophecy it says that “Jacob shall be a fire”. This is not a purifying or refining fire. This fire will both “kindle” and “devour” Esau who is regarded as “stubble”, a substance which can be easily burned up and destroyed.
    It is interesting that the Jews have chosen the word “holocaust” meaning the whole of something which is burned. The whole house of Esau is described as being burned up – a true holocaust is about to occur. The Jews cry “never again” in reference to the Holocaust story but the fact is it has not yet happened. This destruction will happen to the Jews and at the hand of Israel, the white race, as verified by Ezekiel.” (Charles Weisman, Who is Esau-Edom?,

  3. Dr. Irene, I read every word you had written. To tell the truth, you cleared up much of my so-called held beliefs. You are an awful useful tool in the hands of our creator.
    Please keep on enlightening poor souls of whom have been blinded over the years.
    Please tell your husband hello for me. If he does not listen, then hit him over the head with your frying pan. Both of you please have a nice day

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