No where in holy writ is it recorded that Christ said any good thing toward his enemies. If so, this would have confused his followers. Our Lord was straight forward in denouncing his social/political opponents as swine, dogs, devils, serpents and Satan’s gang. He never asked his opposition, specifically the pharisees, for nothing, branding them as fools in the service of beezlebub and his family of devils.
Christ never spoke out of his mouth with a twisted tongue. Our Lord knew that a double-minded man was unstable, spiritually, in all his ways. We must digress momentarily, in noticing that both houses of congress fits this observation. Satan has a middle-path ile between both sides of congress leading straight to the speaker’s podium. I know it is disgusting to even associate this double-minded monsters of devils in the flesh with decent mankind, but i had to parallel that Christ was of a singular-minded individual out of order with the worldly consideration of souls standing in line to serve Satan and his temping to drag innocent souls straight to hell.
The Jewish Sanhedrin relished in having our Lord nailed to a tree. Our Lord suffered until blood came forth from his body pores. yet, while in excruciating pain he would not ask his enemies for any sort of help. God’s son preferred to do his father’s will, in opposition to a world filled with evil. Yes, our Lord moaned, I thirst, but he did not want to ask God’s enemies for anything. So animals in the flesh were defeated, for our Savior ignored them in that any help from devils in the flesh that were formerly kicked out from the presence of our creator were null and void, as disembodied spirits here on this earth. Satan tried his best to tempt our Lord on the cross with his powers of darkness, but in agony our Lord humbly nourished, a no thanks !


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