A pharisee approached Christ in claiming that he ( Pharisee ) was of the seed line of Abraham the patriarch. Christ rebuked this devil in the flesh as a bold-faced liar. This subhuman was persistent that he was of Abrahamic lineage. Christ said: you are not of Abraham’s lineage, for your father is the devil and he has murdered all the prophets down through the ages, even killing Zachariah between the wall and the temple. At one time this Pharisee was in the lineage of Abraham, but he had race-mixed into the satanic blood lineage of Esau, God’s worst enemy, into the
Canaanite blood line. Jacob, Esau’s brother, failed to do so, and our Lord named him Israel. From Mary through her husband, Joseph, the blood line is unpolluted back through Isaac, Abraham , Jacob, Shem, Noah and Seth. There were several nations that were forbidden that Israelites to marry. Today, the mixed lineage of Esau runs through the veins of most rulers of western civilization. These people are known as Edomites. They are God’s enemies. Mongrelism is a crime against God’s decree that mankind must disregard mixing with nations via laws made in the name of liberalism. Liberalism is communism. Communism is Bolshevism, and Bolshevism is an ancient mental disorder of a class hysteria of rogues that actually nailed Christ to a tree. Hollywood is their chief corner stone of sexual perversion, being used to liquidate the various nations of families that comprise America. The ruling elite that control Hollywood are multiple nationalities, that are not an ethnic race or nation. They are contemporary remnants of ancient Esau’s dominion over Palestine immigrating from the four corners of the earth, nomads and vagabonds.
In the beginning the great serpent was coiled near the throne of Pharaoh. For 400 years Hebrews had men in physical and economic slavery. Moses fought the invisible viper landing up across the Red Sea. Here, again the serpent is resurrected through Esau. So far racial purity remained as ordained by God. After trial and error this tribe ( Israel ), settled down in Palestine. The serpent engineered a Babylonian captivity. Seventy years later, thousands were sent back to Palestine. Prophets corrected genealogical records and cleared its people of miscegenated mankind. Here God’s law was renewed.
Later, ten tribes were unlawfully taken to Syria. A remnant of Israel was left in Palestine. Through miscegenation from Assyria down into Mesopotamia, we find Abraham in a city named Trisk. Egypt ruled this area and Pharaoh’s high Priest administered religion. Here, Abraham was called of God as a special vessel to be later named as a patriarch. Abraham was to be the father of all nations, of which seed lineage descended back to Shem, Noah’s son. Abraham had no dealings with the serpent, lucifer. Israel of today is a whoring after strange flesh. King Solomon made this mistake through violating the law racial purity. This is what led to the fall of Sodom and Gomorrah. Too, the destruction of Babylonia. In regarding God’s racial laws we see how NATO and the Pentagon are trifling into the affairs of Syria, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, the Crimea and Pakistan. Billions of dollars are paying of nations to join in with NATO in its illegal move towards global imperialism. The bottom line is that the serpent raising its head below a 2500 mountain east of the Mediterranean in a city 30 miles from the sea is restless. The serpent seedline is coiled around the Obama,
netanyahu, and Vladimir Putin, with its tail reaching back to Noah through Ham. Here is where the mystery of iniquity began and rumbles through two great powers with a little bird in hand that chirps and intends to roar like a lion. Satan and his gang is using the oil shortage mythology to revolutionise Third World miscegenation, in order to strengthen the lineage of a counterfeit Israel. Oil is the cannon.
Some 350 years BC, Alexander the Great, went into Caucasia near the Black Sea. A native by the name Potus resided. Alexander’s troops married into these people, bringing them along their warring venture. Alexander married a lady in India. We might say that this general was then the progenitor of mass racial world-wide influence. In fact, Alex was a tool of finance out of Palestine, to wage destruction on weaker nations. He was the first One Worlder. This man was poisoned through financial oligarchs while in Babylon. He was the head of a serpent with its tail below a mountain that wormed amidst struggling mankind below The place is ancient Canaan where lucifer had ruled through kings. Nothing has changed today


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